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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016
When your mosquito misting system nozzles starting leaking there are a few things that can be done to fix them. 
I was told soak the Hago Nozzles in CLR or something to remove hardwater build up and see if that will work.  You can replace the nozzle tips and that will give you 2 years more life out of  the existing nozzles.
Hago Nozzle Tips
You will need a wrench to remove the old nozzle.  Replacing only the tips might seem expensive but in the long run time save will be well worth it, versus replacing the entire nozzle.
Replacing the nozzles completely to either straight or 45 degree nozzles you will need both the nozzles and the T’s.  Tubing will not beend to be changed.
Remember to use approved products in your misting unit, Sector, Riptide, or EcoExempt misting systems products, these will help extend the life of all components not just the nozzles.
Nozzle T’s
Plugin Slimline Nozzles
Mistaway 45 degree nozzles
Let us know if you have a mosquito misting system story or recommendations that maybe worked for you.
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