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Mistaway Misting Systems

Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

When your mosquito misting system nozzles starting leaking there are a few things that can be done to fix them.  I was told soak the Hago Nozzles in CLR or something to remove hardwater build up and see if that will work.  You can replace the nozzle tips and that will give you 2 years&...

Time to Refill Your Mosquito Misting System
Bug Lady Aug 3, 2016

WHEN IT IS TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOUR MOSQUITO MISTING SYSTEM REFILL It is almost that time when we need to start our mosquito misting systems up, get all the nozzles replaced, tubing repaired and make sure I system is ready to start killing those mosquitos. Do not worry we have you covered on all...

Top 5 Advantages of Mosquito Misting System
Bug Lady Oct 5, 2016

Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the most dreaded pests in the insect family. Not only are they annoying, but their bites can be itchy and painful. These pests can totally ruin your time outdoors and can make you want to avoid your otherwise enjoyable outdoor spaces. Fortunately, mosquito misting s...

There are Many Options for Mosquito Control
Bug Lady Oct 6, 2016

If it seems like are constantly battling a swarm of mosquitoes, you are probably searching for a weapon to win the battle against these annoying pests. Well, we have good news for you. There are lots of mosquito control options available to you, so you can quickly conquer your mosquito invasion! ...

The Details: Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Based 125 Gallon Misting System
Bug Lady Oct 6, 2016

The Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Based 125 Gallon Misting System is yet another great product that Mistaway provides to the public.  MistAway’s Drum Based System utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel designed especially for automatic insect control. The engineered agitator allows for a co...

Resolution of MistAway Gen III Bellow Pump Assembly
Bug Lady Oct 8, 2016

Received an email on a Gen III Mosquito Misting System: Comments:I have a Gen III tankless system. The doseing pump dose not pump. The motor turns on and the belows goes up and down. Do you have a parts list so I can buy the repair parts I need to fix the pump? Suggestions on what might be wrong...

GEN 1.3 & GEN III Controller Faceplate With Buttons Installation Instructions
Bug Lady Oct 12, 2016

Tools required: Small Phillips head screwdriver IMPORTANT: Before handling or disassembling the controller, touch your hand to a metal object to discharge any static.   Unplug the system from the wall. Remove the four screws holding the controller to the plastic shroud, disconnect all c...

Mistaway Systems Spring Start Up Procedures
Bug Lady Oct 12, 2016

To restart systems that have been shut down over the winter, follow these steps to ensure a smooth startup: All Systems Check that the clock shows the correct time and that the mist cycles are programmed as desired. Also, ensure that the system mode (AUTO/ON/OFF) is correct. Clean or re...

MistAway Mosquito Misting System Independent Zoning Now Available
Bug Lady Oct 12, 2016

Scenario 1:  Home backyard circuit installed with 44 nozzles and a circuit in nearby horse barn with 12 nozzles.  The home requires a typical mosquito program with 2-3 mists per day and occasional use of the remote.  The barn requires seven 20 second mists (one every two hours...

How To Set Up Your Mistaway GEN 3 Tankless Unit For Winter
Bug Lady Oct 12, 2016

1. Flush coupler, dosing pump and insecticide flow line first with clean water and then with air. a. Thread PRO-CAP onto a vented bottle filled with clean water. b. Execute a Manual Charge to flush the dosing pump and line with clean water. (MAINTENANCE Menu, INS, then press all three (► ▲ ▼) ...

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