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Live Chat: Weed and Pre-Emergent Help

Camille Landry posted this on Apr 17, 2017


Visitor : need help with our lawn. we just planted seeds and I am hoping we could prevent the weeds from germinating and also from growing new ones in the future.
Solutions Customer Service: Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My name is zee. How may I help you?
Solutions Customer Service: where are you located at
Visitor : southaven ms
Visitor : I have been doing a lot of research trying to find out a way to prevent any weeds from germinating without hurting the seeds that we planted yesterday. We removed every living thing on our lawn.
Solutions Customer Service: You can use something like prodiamine but it would be after 60 days from when you planted the seeds
Visitor: so what can we use before that? I saw the word glyphosate but i do not have any idea how that works
Solutions Customer Service: Not recommended Glyphosate kills everything it touches. You really want that lawn to get strong before applying chemicals on it. If it is to young it will not stand the chemicals and quickly die.
Visitor : so is there any thing I could do to minimize the weeds on our lawn?
Visitor : how does pre emergent works?
Solutions Customer Service : The pre emergent is the best thing to use you would need to only wait that time frame.
Solutions Customer Service : It will prevent weeds from germinating in the lawn
Visitor : I planted the bermuda grass swi - 1001 (sunsport grass ) yesterday, what date should I apply the pre emergent product?
Queen Zee : let me check on the time
Visitor: would the bermuda grass grows first before the weeds? I am worried that the weeds will germinate first before the bermuda and shades everything and prevents the bermuda from growing.
Solutions Customer Service : By June 15th and by then you would have missed the time to apply for your area. You could still apply this for thew fall but the only thing you can do at that point is using a post-emergent depending on the type of weed that comes up would depend the herbicide to use. Make sure to fertilize the lawn. A healthy lawn will take care of any weeds on its own.
Visitor : I used milogranite for the lawn yesterday. So you mean I could not use preemergence even if there is no weed at all right now? Our dirt was totally clean, can't even see a single strand of grass/weeds
Solutions Customer Service : That is correct. What would happen is that the grass would not be able to grow because now you have applied a preemrgent preventing that seed from germinating and growing .\
Visitor : so what can i do now?
Solutions Customer Service : yes, you normally want to apply this right when spring begins or even before.
Visitor : you mean june 15 is too late? but how?
Solutions Customer Service: You would want to allow the lawn to grow and get strong enough that when it comes time to apply a herbicide it would not harm the lawn.
Visitor : ok, I still need to take care of my side and back lawns. we did not do anything to those yet. what do you recommend?
Solutions Customer Service : Is it bare ground or does it have Bermuda on it.
Visitor : it has some grass but mostly weeds
Solutions Customer Service : you can apply a pre emergent on it now and a post emergent to kill the weeds that are there.
Visitor : I would most likely put new seeds on them as well. so when do i de the post emergent if i am going to use a preemergent now?
Solutions Customer Service : If you put a preemegent then you would not be able to seed.
Visitor : the lawn care nut mentioned to use weed control 3 weeks after the bermuda's germination. what does he meant by that?
Solutions Customer Service : You would spray a post emergent at that point.
Visitor : so after my seeds germinate, i will wait 3 weeks to apply post emergent? I that what I should do to kill all those unsightly weeds that will try to germinate?
Solutions Customer Service : yes that will be fine to do
Visitor : what does post emergent does
Solutions Customer Service : What post emergent means it that after the weed grows then it will kill it a pre emergent means is that it will prevent it from growing.
Visitor : Oh, ok. I thought pre emergent is for spring and post emergent is for fall season
Visitor : so about what date should I apply the post emergent? Exact date maybe? As mentioned, we planted the bernuda swi 1001 yesterday, april 16.
Solutions Customer Service: for the post-emergent you have missed that window you can apply it again in Sep-Oct for winter weeds.
Visitor : please tell me the recommended products I should be ordering to get rid of the weeds. My house is right next to a park that is full of weeds. It is very windy and everything comes to my property.
Solutions Customer Service : Wait for the weeds to pop up and then send us a picture of what you have from there we can recommend a herbicide.
Visitor : I have a picture of the weeds on our property on my phone.
Solutions Customer Service : That works you can email it to askapro@solutionsstores.com
Visitor : ok I am trying to send the pics now. Maggie Esperon
Visitor : did you get the pictures?
Queen Zee : yes i will email you from there.
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