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Live Chat: Yellow Nutsedge and Commercial Accounts

posted this on Apr 5, 2017


Visitor : Commercial accounts & pricing?
Solutions Customer Service: Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My name is zee. How may I help you?
Solutions Customer Service: What are you looking to purchase?
Visitor: trimec plus if available
Visitor: Is Target 6 plus is equivalent?
Solutions Customer Service: let me double check on this but I do believe so.
Solutions Customer Service: No they are completely different products
Solutions Customer Service: I only have the trimec southern
Visitor: I'm not fimiler with trimec southern.. im going to guess it's for southern type species of weeds. I'm in the north (Michigan)
Visitor : I need a product that will work on the hardey yellow nutsedge
Solutions Customer Service: ok Yes it is used down in the south.
Solutions Customer Service: What type of lawn do you have
Visitor: Mix Fescue / Kentucky blue
Solutions Customer Service: ok let me check on a label for you real quick
Visitor: Sounds good
Visitor : What about the TARGET 6 plus?
Solutions Customer Service: It will harm the fescue
Solutions Customer Service: https://www.solutionsstores.com/blindside-herbicide
Solutions Customer Service: this can be used on the cool grasses and control the yellow sedge
Visitor: Ok. Wow. Thank you very much.. i don't know how I honestly got ton talking with you. But is this a website for direct product or is it the business website? I'd also would like to
Visitor: Available options
Visitor: I have a VERY high passion for turf maintenance
Solutions Customer Service: I work for solutions if that is what you are meaning by business website.
Solutions Customer Service: I can look for a different product if you would like I just know this is good for northern grasses but still strong enough to kill the weeds
Visitor: Ok. Let me look at this link real fast... please hold.
Solutions Customer Service: ok
Visitor: Is there a location in the Michigan area?
Solutions Customer Service: No we are only in the south at this moment working our way around
Visitor: And I'm guessing retail only contractor priceing not available, I'm very interested in the blindside for nutsedge purposes...
Solutions Customer Service: We can set you up for wholesale pricing I would have to give your information to our wholesale dept and they would contact you in regards to the pricings. Are you looking for something for spot treat ment?
Visitor: Spot treatments, and acreage applications as well, What information is needed?
Solutions Customer Service: Name, Phone, Email, company name, address and then I would send this information to them
Visitor: how is it normally sent out?
Solutions Customer Service: we sell this also but normally for spot treating https://www.solutionsstores.com/sedgehammer-nutsedge-killer
Visitor: Sledgehammer is definitely ideal. I'd like to try that.... but lets start out with a pre Mergent
Solutions Customer Service: Ok granular or liquid ?
Visitor: Granulated
Solutions Customer Service: https://www.solutionsstores.com/diuron-80df-herbicide
Solutions Customer Service: This one will control the nutsedge and we currently have some in stock as well
Visitor: Ok lets order it..
Solutions Customer Service: Ok did you want me to send your information over or did you want to purchase now then get set up how do you want to do this?
Visitor: Ok. Lets see if we can set up an account
Visitor: Thank you. You have been an amazing help...
Solutions Customer Service: Thanks, I sent that over you should hear back sometime today before 5 pm central time. You have a good day.
Visitor: You as well
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