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Live Chat: Toxicity of Alpine Insecticide

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 18, 2017
Visitor : Is Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol toxic ? Should animals be placed in a different area before spraying?
Visitor (+ 35 secs): Should gloves be worn ?
Haley (+ 10 secs): Which Alpine? The aerosol?
Visitor (+ 21 secs): Yes
Visitor ((+ 1 mins, 20 secs)): Are u still here?
Haley (+ 6 secs): It would be best to have any children or pets in a different location while you apply the product and give it about 3-4 hours to dry before allowing them back in the area.
Visitor (+ 36 secs): Ahhhh ok. Is what i was thinking. Would it be best to wear a mask
Visitor (+ 20 secs): ....before using this product ?
Haley (+ 14 secs): You can wear gloves or a mask if you feel more comfortable applying it that way, but you don't have to.
Visitor (+ 23 secs): Ok. Just wanting to be sure and safe
Visitor (+ 10 secs): Thanks for ur time
Haley (+ 6 secs): Thanks for choosing Solutions Stores. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or by calling 800-479-6583. Have a great day!


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