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Live Chat: Putting Down Bait in Garage

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 18, 2017


Visitor : Can ZP Rodent Bait be used in my garage?
Queen Zee ((+ 2 mins, 22 secs)): Hi, my name is Zee and I will be assisting you today.
Queen Zee (+ 34 secs): You would need to use a station to place this in
Visitor ((+ 1 mins, 52 secs)): What is a station
Visitor ((+ 2 mins, 43 secs)): Are you there
Queen Zee (+ 38 secs): like the aegis rodent stations
Visitor (+ 28 secs): That does not tell what a station is
Queen Zee (+ 5 secs): https://www.solutionsstores.com/aegis-rp-rodent-bait-station
Queen Zee (+ 19 secs): it is a safe way of applying the bait
Visitor (+ 6 secs): How effective is this product
Queen Zee (+ 7 secs): It will prevent kids and pets from getting to it
Queen Zee (+ 9 secs): It is for safety
Visitor (+ 26 secs): I have no kids. Pets do not go in the garage
Queen Zee ((+ 1 mins, 51 secs)): ok
Queen Zee (+ 29 secs): Are you licensed to use the product
Queen Zee (+ 11 secs): like a pesticide license or ag license
Visitor (+ 9 secs): No..just an individual
Queen Zee (+ 11 secs): It is a restricted use item on a federal level
Visitor (+ 8 secs): Ok
Queen Zee (+ 18 secs): we do have other baits that are not restricted



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