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Live Chat: Pre-emergents and Lawn Insecticides

posted this on Mar 29, 2017


Solutions Customer Service  : Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My name is zee. How may I help you?
Visitor : I am looking to stop hiring my local lawn treatment company and continue doing the entire lawn myself. I have been referred here by Allyn Hayne the Lawn Care Nut and have been using Milorganite for most of last season. I would like to look into pre-emergents and insecticides.
Solutions Customer Service  Any insects in particular you are going after
Visitor : just basics. I did notice that i had small white moths at the mid season point last year
Solutions Customer Service  ok You can go with reclaim i/t this will treat up to 70 different insect and for a pre emergent you can go with prodiamine
Visitor : does that treat for grubs?
Visitor : Can I mix prodiamine and Reclaim together to apply or do they need to be applied seperate
Solutions Customer Service  For grubs I would go with dominion 2l this is a systemic product and will work more effectively for the grubs.
Solutions Customer Service  No You will want to have one sprayer for insecticides and one for weedkilling and one for weed prevention. Do not mix them in the same container or at the same time. You can treat on the same day
Visitor: So i need three different sprayers? I was planing to buy a big 20gal one for my atv?
Solutions Customer Service  If you are wanting to do that make sure that you clean it properly the biggest problem people run into is that they used a weed killer then a few days later they are treating for insects and are broadcasting it all over the yard and the whole yard becomes damaged or completely dies.
Visitor: I guess I am just trying to be proactive. I'm not entirely sure its needed, except for the white moths i noticed late last year. Besides that I am just trying to do what my local company did.
Visitor : They stated they treated for herbicides, insecticides and fert. all in one application. I am not sure how its possible if you state it shouldnt be that way
Solutions Customer Service  You can always take a picture of the moth and send it in by email. We can identify it and figure out the root of the problem or if they are even harmful.
Solutions Customer Service  yes, you cannot mix all of this chemicals in one and start spraying them that is playing a chemichal game that I do not know the reaction to. Not a good idea.
Visitor: Okay so if I wanted to just go with herbicides. I am looking for just prodiamine and using milorganite for my fert will be a solid start for a program until i notice an insect issue
Solutions Customer Service  Not to mention that you do not want to go to your hairstylist to change your oil on the car it is just not a good idea. It is best to do one thing at a time. There are some chemicals that can be mixed together and I can let you know what they are but they are very limited.
Solutions Customer Service  so the prodimine is a pre-emergent once you start noticing weeds then we will need to use a post-emergent to kill those weeds. You can still use a pesticide to treat and prevent bugs.
Visitor: but can i use the atv boom sprayer and do each of them seperately on the same week without damaging my yard?
Solutions Customer Service  yes make sure to clean it out or use a cleaning chemical for it give me a few min while i find it
Solutions Customer Service  It would be all clear tank cleaner or a tank cleaner I dont have it on the website but we do have some



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