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Live Chat: Lawn Care Novice using Quinclorac

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 18, 2017


Visitor : Hello.
Visitor (+ 31 secs): I bought some Quinclorac from you guys and i have a few questions for yall if you dont mind
Queen Zee (+ 34 secs): Hi, my name is Zee and I will be assisting you today.
Visitor (+ 10 secs): hey Zee! it's been 4 days since I mowed my yard, should I mow, then apply? Or apply and then mow?
Visitor ((+ 1 mins, 33 secs)): I'm just unsure on how long I should wait to mow and fertilize after I applied the Quinclorac.
Queen Zee (+ 22 secs): 2 day
Queen Zee (+ 13 secs): after applying you can mow
Visitor (+ 18 secs): Okay. Does the same go for fertilizing?
Queen Zee (+ 21 secs): I would wait to fertilize for the following week after the application.
Visitor (+ 14 secs): Okay, sounds good.
Visitor (+ 4 secs): Good to know there.
Visitor ((+ 1 mins, 6 secs)): Also, I ordered some Methalayted Seed Oil to help the Quinclorac. I also live in Texas where it's 90+ degrees now. Is it safe to use MSO (with Quinclorac) with the heat that high? Or would I be bes
Visitor (+ 27 secs): Best going with a dish soap or baby shampoo with the heat that high?
Queen Zee (+ 35 secs): I would recommend just using the quinclorac with the water you can use the soap.
Visitor (+ 15 secs): Ah okay good to know.
Visitor (+ 25 secs): One more for ya
Queen Zee (+ 5 secs): ok
Visitor (+ 39 secs): Should I cut the grass and wait 2 days, then apply the herbicide?
Queen Zee (+ 53 secs): yes that is correct you need to wait 2 days before or after
Visitor (+ 16 secs): Okay good deal. Sorry my mouse wouldn't let me scroll up and I forgot to write it down.
Visitor (+ 14 secs): I appreciate it Zee. I'll talk to you guys later.
Queen Zee (+ 35 secs): Its ok and you are very welcome if there is anything else I can help with let me know.
Visitor (+ 10 secs): Oh!
Visitor (+ 1 secs): One more
Visitor (+ 11 secs): When can I water after applying?
Queen Zee (+ 18 secs): 24 hours would be perfect but after it dries it will be fine
Visitor (+ 17 secs): Is it a requirement to water in?
Queen Zee (+ 9 secs): no
Visitor (+ 11 secs): Excellent.
Visitor (+ 12 secs): When does it fully kill the weed? 1-2 weeks?
Queen Zee (+ 20 secs): yes 14-21 days roughly
Visitor (+ 9 secs): Okay
Visitor (+ 15 secs): Should I pull the weed after it's dead? or just mow over it?
Visitor (+ 7 secs): Sorry, as you can tell I'm a first time home owner.
Queen Zee ((+ 1 mins, 1 secs)): It's ok that is what I am here for make sure you do not kill the whole lawn by accident
Queen Zee ((+ 1 mins, 17 secs)): you can just mow it but wait for it to be bright yellow
Queen Zee (+ 15 secs): that's when it is dead.
Visitor (+ 28 secs): I'm confused, will this quinclorac kill my turf too? It's bermuda.
Queen Zee ((+ 1 mins, 30 secs)): No not on Bermuda I was just stating that I am here to help you. I understand you are a new homeowner do you know how old the Bermuda is?
Visitor (+ 18 secs): It was sodded in March of 2016
Visitor (+ 7 secs): 16 months old.
Queen Zee (+ 50 secs): ok that is fine
Visitor (+ 13 secs): Okay good deal
Visitor (+ 33 secs): Okay. Just to confirm:Apply it 2 days after mowing with dish soap. Then wait 2 weeks to mow again when it it is yellow? Or can I mow maybe a week later before it's completely dead?
Visitor (+ 56 secs): it'll drive me crazy if I wait upto 3 weeks to mow after the application
Queen Zee ((+ 1 mins, 36 secs)): It will be safe to mow at that time just do not pull the weeds up leaver them be.
Visitor (+ 15 secs): Will do
Visitor (+ 11 secs): Thank you for dealing with me Zee.
Queen Zee (+ 19 secs): your welcome and you have a great day.
Visitor (+ 3 secs): You as well.


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