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Live Chat: Control Options for Mites

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 17, 2017


Visitor : I have mite or some kind of parasite infestation. I have been using 10% Permethrin on my carpets and furniture. I increased it from 3 to 6oz per gallon. At first it seem to work and then the bugs ignore it. Do you have any suggestions?
Queen Zee : Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My name is zee. How may I help you?
Queen Zee  Have you identified what kind of mites they are?
Visitor : I tried the health department and the university of Missouri. Neither would help
Visitor : I have called pest control outfits and since I am using Permethrin already, I think they use the same thing and never call back.
Queen Zee  Okay we need to find the kind of mites they are from there we know the source of the mites. There are many different types of mite, bird mites, bat mites, spider mites, mange mites, ect if we can find the source then we can go to that and eliminate from there.
Queen Zee  Have you had any issues with birds in the attic or bats?
Queen Zee  do you have a dog if so does he show signs of mange?
Visitor : How? No birds or bats or squirrels, no dogs. I do live out in the country. Also, I have also tried ivermectin. It doesn't help
Visitor : no animals
Visitor : I feed birds
Visitor: but I don't touch them
Queen Zee  but they are not nesting on the house right?
Visitor: no
Visitor : In the past I have picked and save birds nests
Queen Zee  where do you keep them at?
Visitor : I show them to my granddaughter and throw them in the trash
Visitor : This started last summer and has gotten progressively worse
Queen Zee  And just to make sure you have confirmed that they are mites?
Queen Zee  Do you have any rodent problems?
Visitor : I did when I first moved in but I lay poison down and have sealed all the areas that they can come in. I do have a crawl space
Visitor: No I am making the assumption that these are mites
Queen Zee  When the pest control company went out there did they tell you it was mites. I want to make sure we are going after to correct pest.
Visitor ): They never showed up and there are only 2 companies locally.
Visitor: Then company that I know would come out is 91 miles away and they indicated a significant cost for their service
Visitor : There a name brand outfit
Queen Zee  The best thing that I can suggest in this case is to use a product like Bedlam, Bedlam plus or Sterifab. These are items that are safe to use inside the home on furniture.
Queen Zee  If we can find out what is the source and eliminate it then we will have a much better idea as to where to treat and how.
Visitor : I would have thought the local health department would know. I don't think the individual know anything about mites or whatever it is
Visitor : Try to get a pest control guy to come out?
Queen Zee  yes and only ask for their opinion try not to tell them what you think it is that way they do some research.
Visitor : Ok Thank You
Queen Zee  Thanks for choosing Solutions Stores. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or by calling 800-479-6583. Have a great day!
Visitor : You have one too



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