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Live Chat: Bed Bug recommendations

Camille Landry posted this on Apr 6, 2017




Visitor : Bed bugs

Visitor: How long before gentrol to work

Solutions Customer: Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My name is zee. How may I help you?

Solutions Customer: gentrol is an igr Insect growth regulator it start to work very fast once it is applied

Visitor : Should I still see bed bugs 3 weeks later

Visitor : Hello

Solutions Customer: Yes it is very possible are you using another chemical

Visitor: Yes tempura

Solutions Customer: temprid ?

Visitor: Yes

Solutions Customer: Ok good that is a really good product to use

Solutions Customer: How often are you spraying

Visitor : Do we need to throw away the bed and the dressers

Visitor : Wasn't spraying much so how often should I

Solutions Customer: Yes and no, it depends on the damage on the mattress.

Visitor: It's no damage

Solutions Customer : You want to spray as often as 7-14 days very thoroughly with all the items in the room

Visitor: Does having bed bugs mean furniture needs to be tossed

Solutions Customer: No

Solutions Customer : If the furniture has a lot of damage then most people do but you can normally treat all types of furniture.

Visitor : 7-14 days for how long

Solutions Customer: Until they are gone. But the great thing about the temprid is that is has a fast acting and a long residual. so once they are under control you should not be having a big problem.

Solutions Customer: The ones that you are seeing have been affected by the gentrol but it's mainly there eggs that will be more affected by it.

Visitor : We the family are so thankful for u

Solutions Customer: your welcome if you have any other questions please let me know.

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