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Ask A Pro: Kentucky Bluegrass Aeration and Seeding Preparation

posted this on Mar 23, 2017

A yard owner who has switched to a new grass on numerous occasions has a question about what products are best to use to break in his new Kentucky bluegrass and in what sequence:


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Visitor : I've just purchased Prodiamine and marking dye from you for my yard. I plan on purchasing a 2,4d product also. My yard use to be a hay field, and last year I planted Kentucky 31 grass seed in it. I wasn't familiar with grass then and now this year I'm going to aerate and seed Kentucky blue grass. My question is, should I apply 2,4d then aerate and seed a few weeks later, then use Prodiamine a few weeks after that? Or what order should I apply my material and what time frame should I do it in? Eastern Ohio is my location. Thanks
Solutions Rep What is your weather right now
Solutions Rep: You would have to apply the 2,4-d amine first then aerate and seed. I am looking into the time frame for the prodiamine with you placing the seeds first.
Solutions RepInjury to desirable seedlings is likely if Prodiamine 65 WDG is applied before the secondary roots of seedlings are in the second inch of soil (not thatch plus soil). To reduce the potential to injure overseeded turf, wait 60 days after seeding or until after the second mowing, whichever is longer, before applying Prodiamine 65 WDG.
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