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Nematodes Have Fear, Nimitz is Here!

posted this on May 23, 2017

Nimitz ADAMA promo photoWhile there are beneficial nematodes which can be used to eliminate lawn pests like grubs and larvae which live in the soil and leave plants alone, there are nematodes which a parasitic to plants. However, there is an answer for the destructions that nematodes can cause to turf and plant life in the form of Nimitz Pro G Nematicide , a brand new nematicide developed by Adama.


Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to introduce Nimitz Pro G Nematicide to our stock of lawn care and maintenance solutions and we firmly believe that Nimitz will be a hot commodity in the nematicide market because of how great it works to put damaging nematodes down and out.


Knowing the Enemy: Nematodes

Nematodes which are harmful to plants often come in the form of tiny, unsegmented roundworms and have lately been rapidly spreading across the United States and making it’s damaging presence felt, particularly on cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. Some of the most destructive nematodes include: lesion nematodes, sting nematodes, lance nematodes and root-knot.


Plant-parasitic nematodes are pests that live freely and feed on the fibrous roots of plants. While they can be found nationwide, they are mostly concentrated in regions of the country where the weather and atmosphere allows them to thrive.


Nematodes spawn the fastest in soils that are moist and warm and like areas where there are longer growing seasons such as in much of the Southern United States--primarily in Florida. Places like Southern California and Arizona are also areas which have large outbreaks of nematodes doing damaging destruction on residential lawns as well as commercial and recreational turf.

Once nematodes have established themselves, it is not easy to get rid of them and for the most part work has just been done to try and minimize the amount of harm they cause to a land, that is until Nimitz came along to change the game.

Nematode damage to plantsThe Features and Benefits of Nimitz Pro G Nematicide

After spending extensive time carefully studying and coming up with solutions for commons farmer problems, Adama created a breakthrough with Nimitz, the newly developed nematicide, which is the first to have been developed and registered in the U.S. in the last 20 years.

Science and technology has changed a lot in that timespan and Nimitz certainly shows how far it has come in the Nematicide industry through its improvements in efficacy, environmental safety and ease of application.


The main active ingredient in Nimitz Pro G is fluensulfone, which delivers an innovative mode of action that has been proven to be successful in stopping nematodes dead in their ‘S’ tracks, in as little as 48 hours.


Nimitz can be very simply applied where the problem nematodes reside, either by spraying the product onto the ground before being incorporated ahead of planting - in a similar fashion to a residual herbicide - or via drip irrigation equipment.The fluensulfone is delivered through the soil profile, where it comes into contact with nematodes through water movement via irrigation and rainfall following product applications.


Image result for nimitz adamaHow the Active Ingredient Is Nimitz Puts Down Nematodes

Advancements in technology since the release of the last nematicide definitely show in Nimitz Pro G, particularly in its active ingredient, fluensulfone. In the past, the active ingredients in common nematicides were organophospate and carbamate formulations which worked by paralyzing nematodes instead of killing them, which allowed nematodes to recover once the nematicide moved through the soil profile. This causes a slower and largely ineffective means of control.


Nimitz acts quickly with the help of fluensulfone so that target nematodes are killed within 24-72 hours. And amazingly, this is done while at the same time causing no effect or harm to non-target species. A few of the other effects on nematodes which Nematodes boasts include:

  • Irreversible paralysis and impaired motility within six to 24 hours for all nematode stages;

  • Severely stunted egg laying and hatching: The few eggs that do hatch typically do not progress beyond the Juvenile 1 larva stage; and

  • Cessation of feeding, typically within one hour.


The Versatility of Nimitz Pro G is Astounding

NIMITZ Pro G has been scientifically tested and approved to take out nematodes and enhance the health of plants on a variety of different turfgrasses, including:

  • Bermudagrass;

  • Centipedegrass;

  • Creeping bentgrass;

  • Tall fescue;

  • Seashore paspalum;

  • St. Augustinegrass;

  • Zoysiagrass;

  • Perennial ryegrass; and

  • Rough bluegrass.


It has also been cleared for use on a variety of sites:

  • Golf course greens, tee boxes and fairways;

  • Sports fields;

  • Commercial turfgrass;

  • Residential lawns; and

  • Sod farms.


If you are eager to get those nematodes off of your property, Nimitz is the way to go. Nimitz Pro G is packaged in 40-pound buckets and is formulated on a Biodac granule for optimal greening. Order it today from Solutions Pest and Lawn and we’ll have it shipped to you FAST and for FREE.


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