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Lawn Pests

How to Control and Eliminate Sod Webworms
Oct 18, 2016

So your once lush green and healthy lawn is not becoming a patchy eyesore. The culprit? It could very well be sod webworms. These destructive super-villains are attacking your precious turf and robbing it of all it’s nutrition. They have no remorse and  won’t stop until they devo...

Ask A Pro: Crabgrass ID and Recommendations
Mar 1, 2017

Recently we had one of our customers send an email to us asking for an ID on a weed growing on his lawn. Here's what he asked along with a image submission of his problem weed:     Can you id and suggest post-emer control in hybrid bermuda?  Thanks.   -Michael   ...

Nematodes Have Fear, Nimitz is Here!
May 23, 2017

While there are beneficial nematodes which can be used to eliminate lawn pests like grubs and larvae which live in the soil and leave plants alone, there are nematodes which a parasitic to plants. However, there is an answer for the destructions that nematodes can cause to turf and plant life in ...

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