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Summer Do's and Dont's for Your Lawn

Camille Landry posted this on Jun 13, 2017

summer lawnWeeds any time of the year are awful but in the summer time they are particularly troublesome. Weeds like dandelions and creeping charlie among others love to jump up into your lawn and rear their ugly little heads.


Typically we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn tell our customers and put into our helpful guides that the best times to use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers in the Spring or Fall. We say this because in the summer it’s harder for weeds to take herbicides because the high temperatures put a lot of stress on plants.


Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts you should take into consideration to keep your lawn looking its absolutely best this part of the year.

DO - Keep your lawn mowed high during the summer.


Depending on the type of grass you are growing, it is recommended to mow your grass regularly during the summer. There are some nice resources you can find online if you’re not sure at what height to keep your lawn. Ohio State University Extension has a handy chart of ideal heights for common grass types. Find your turf type on the chart, then set your mower to the higher end of the spectrum. That extra half-inch or inch can make a big difference.


DO - Water your Lawn a few times a week


Rather than lightly every day, we suggest conducting a deep watering of your lawn especially during the high temperatures of the summer. This is actually a good practice to carry out throughout the year because it actually helps to develop strong roots. it's also a summer weed control strategy. Light frequent watering of your lawn actually promotes weeds to sprout and thrive. Try to keep the water below the surface will make the conditions unappealing for weeds.



Don't: Apply a chemical fertilizer or herbicide in July or August


Due to the amount of stress the high heat puts on your lawn in the summer, the odds of damaging or discoloring your lawn rise more than any other time of the year. Again, as mentioned early, we recommend exterminating most weeds with an appropriate herbicide in early spring or fall. During the high heat of summer, especially in July and August, herbicides will not do much good. However, if you see weeds up and about, you can certainly get your hands dirty and pull those weeds or dig them out with a shovel.


Don’t: trample your Lawn


Summer time certainly means more people will want to be outdoors. There will be barbecues, pool parties and football games aplenty in your yard, but be sure to keep your lawn in mind.  Heavy traffic on your turf can damage your lawn and also bring about weeds which usually come when your soil is compacted from lots of foot traffic. While you may have a lot of fun on your turf, your grass would not be having fun. So if your kids want to lay out the slip n slide, tell them to use the neighbors lawn!


For more summer tips be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more articles from the knowledge base. You could also get live help or advice for your lawn by contacting us via phone, emailing us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or chat with us live online.


Check out our array of lawn care products so you are well equipped to keep your lawn looking great all year round.


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