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Blindside: A Top Performer on Golf Courses and Sports Turf

Camille Landry posted this on Dec 20, 2016

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Use What the Pro's Use:  Blindside: A Top Performer on Golf Courses and Sports Turf

When it comes to maintaining sports fields or golf courses fall and winter can either be a terrible time or a great time depending on how the field has been maintained. The cooler weather is often ideal for making repairs to the field and is certainly better than the springtime when weeds begin emerging or the summer where intense heat could do some damage. In order to have an impeccable field or golf course that superintendents and landscapers can be proud of, you need the right product and Blindside is among the top performers on that front.


Blindside Herbicide is formulated by FMC as a WDG (Water Dispersible Granule) containing 0.66 lb of active ingredient per pound of product. It’s designed for warm-season turf like St. Augustinegrass.


Blindside is selective post-emergent herbicide which can control over 70 different broadleaf weeds and sedges including hard-to-control and stubborn weeds like like Dollar weed, Ground Ivy, Dove weed and Buttonweed. Blindside selectively works its way up through the roots as well as attacking through foliar contact.

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Blindside Herbicide Post EmergentBenefits of Blindside


  • A lot of customers call and ask us what is a good herbicide for controlling weeds that grow on St. Augustine grass which is a common grass used for sports fields and golf courses. St. Augustine grass is pretty sensitive from common herbicides. Blindside works great on that front with it being a selective herbicide, knocking out your problem weeds while leaving your wanted turf largely unaffected.


  • Another great benefit of using Blindside is that it works in the summertime. Other herbicides seem to only work fell in the spring or fall when certain weeds like dollar weeds are not growing. This makes it so Blindside can basically be used year round.


  • Blindside also works very quickly. Typically you will see results within 5 days after application.

  • In some cases, Blindside can work as a preemergent because of its extended soil activity.


How To Treat Your Turf With Blindside



  • To carry out your weed patrol with Blindside you are going to need a hand spray pump. If you don’t already have one, you can find some great high-quality hand sprayers here.

  • Make sure to wear protective equipment when handling Blindside or any herbicide for that matter.  We recommend eye protection, long sleeved shirt and pants and perhaps rubber boots.

  • Mix the herbicide according the label and depending upon the size of the area you will be treating. The application rate depends on the the type of turf you have and how quickly you apply the product.




  1. For spot treatment, do your best to spray the targeted weed and avoid your turf and desirables.

  2. For some more resilient weeds and second application would be necessary to eliminate the weed completely.


As mentioned above, if applied correctly, you should see results in less than a week and all those problems weeds will be gone. Order Blindside today and you will have a turf that will be a beauty to play on and swing golf balls around.


Also be sure to check out this great video of Blindside being used in action by our pal the Lawn Care Nut here!

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