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5 Steps for the Perfect Lawn

posted this on Nov 3, 2016



The Autumn season is in full-bloom and before you know it it will be winter. With the weather starting to get cooler, the last thing you’re probably thinking about as a homeowner is maintaining your lawn like you did during the summer. But it may surprise you to know that the fall is actually the opportune time to prepare your lawn so it’ll be in peak condition come spring time.

Many homeowner believe lawns require less maintenance in the fall because grass growth is less active or slow. In actuality, the opposite is true. During the cooler temperatures which this season brings,  your lawn grass is busy absorbing as much energy, moisture, and nutrition that it can handle in order to prepare for the winter where the cold gets even worse and conditions are dormant. If you give your grass some TLC right now, they will appreciate it and reward you in the spring with a healthy and beaming lawn in the springtime. We here at Solutions Pest & Lawn present  the following tips to ensure your lawn goes the distance.


1. Keep Regularly Mowing

Don’t stop mowing your lawn just because of the cooler weather. Continue to mow and water your lawn just like you did during the summer time. As the season transitions into full blown winter, lower your mowers blade to the lowest setting for the last two cuttings. This will allow the crown of the grass to get more sunlight and the likeliness of your grass turning brown will lessen.



2. Aerate The Soil

This is a perfect time for you to aerate your turf so that your lawn has space for oxygen water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass. You can rent an aerating machine or use one of them aeration spike shoes to punch holes in the soil.


3. Rake Your Leaves

It may be pretty to see the leaves on your trees change colors and scatter across your lawn but you it would be best for your lawn’s health for you to rake the leaves immediately. Doesn’t sound like much fun but if you have kids, they’ll love to play with it a bit and make piles and jump around. Make sure they get the job done in the end if you go that route. It’d be best to do it yourself if you want it done right. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t wait for all the leaves to fall to start raking. The leaves will likely get wet and soggy from rain and morning dew and stick together when can form a mat that will suffocate the grass and potentially bring forth fungus and disease.

4. Fertilize the Lawn

Our experts here at Solutions state that if you’re going to only fertilizer your lawn once a year, the best time to do is in the fall. Why? While grass grows slower this time of year, the roots and rhizomes grow rapidly.  Fertilizer treatment in the fall gives your turf essential nutrients to grow deep roots now and to store extra nutrients in preparation for the following spring.


We recommend waiting until mid-to-late autumn and applying a dry lawn fertilizer to your entire yard, making sure not to miss any spots. We here are Solutions have a variety of Fertilizer you can choose from so you’re sure to find the best one for your lawn.


5. Treat Your Weeds

If you have some unsightly weeds on your lawn like crabgrass or dandelions, fall is the time to tackle them.  During the fall, weeds are in hyperactive mode hoping to suck up all the essential nutrients like your desirable plants are. They are eager to take in any type of nutrition and are also ripe for accepting herbicides. Treat your lawn with herbicide now and they will be long gone during the spring season. Of course, Solutions carries a vast selection of high-quality professional-grade herbicides to treat various types of weeds. Check them out here and if you are unsure of what to use for your lawn contact us via phone or email and we will direct you toward the best product for your situation.


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