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How to Catch and Repel Opossums in Your Yard

posted this on Aug 4, 2016


How to Catch and Repel Opossums in your yard

Opossums are found throughout North America and are marsupial, they typically live alone and are active at night as most of you know.

They can have litters with up to seven young and have two to three litters per year that is a lot of opossums. The young opossums will spend the first several weeks of their life in their mothers pouch, I guess they can be considered the United States Kangaroo.

The Opossum will feed mostly on fruit, grains and insects, but have not problems digging through your compost bins, garbage cans and pet food bowls.

The opossums will take shelter in burrows, trees cavities and brush piles, and prefer to live next to some source of water, such as swamps and streams. They also can nest in your attics and garages and similar to other nuisance wildlife then can cause quite a bit of damage.

When the opossum feels threatened they can hiss and bare their teeth, they have also been known to bite. They can also cause damage to plant roots with their digging and foraging.

It is important for control of the opossum to control the inviting food source, pet bowls, bird feed and garbage to keep them out of your yard. Also check for possible entry points of access so they cannot gain access and harborage in your attic and garage.

When necessary trapping will be the easiest way of elimination.


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