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The Zombie Apocalypse and Pre Emergent Weed Killer!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 6, 2016

Pre emergent weed killer will prevent weeds from growing in your yard and let’s face it, everyone hates weeds. I am sure during a zombie apocalypse, we will all be grateful for the dandelion weed tea that will kill the zombies, but until that day comes, weeds are evil and are to be avoided at all costs. Please take note; there is no proof that dandelion tea kills zombies, however, studies do look promising.

The Little Suckers Germinate All Over

Anyway, back to killing weeds. Their seeds lie dormant deep down in the soil and with very little coaxing, they are brought to the surface just when your HOA president does a walk-through of your street. They then germinate and spread their little weed seed all over your yard.

These pre emergent herbicides are designed to prevent this germination and will help keep them from growing. They will not help with existing perennial weeds – those will need to be physically plucked out of your yard and discarded. When you buy a pre emergent weed killer from your do-it-yourself pest store, be sure to thoroughly read the label and follow all instructions. The time you spend reading the label will save you on time weeding your yard.

Pre Emergents Need Water

Be mindful especially with the timing of your application. Generally late winter application will help control the summer weeds. This timing is critical to produce the optimal results. Also read about the application coverage. Even a good product will not work well if it did not cover all areas of the lawn. These pre emergent herbicides need rainfall or irrigation to work as desired, specifically right after application. If you do not expect rain, you will need to water your lawn for the pre emergent to work its best.

Check with your local nursery to find out when weeds in your area germinate and plan your application of the herbicide around this date. Now understand that no pre emergent is perfect. They work well on crabgrass and grassy weeds but might not so well on other types of weeds.

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