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The Best Products for Fast And Easy Weed Control

Camille Landry posted this on Dec 5, 2016

Having an attractively landscaped backyard and well-groomed lawn means that there are no weeds in sight. Weeds are aesthetically unpleasant. In other words, weeds are just plain ugly. In addition, weeds rob lush green turf of moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. If left untreated, weeds spread rapidly and can become a serious problem. Common weeds include dandelions, morning glory, ragweed, crabgrass, and nutsedge. From systemic herbicides to pump-n-go sprayers, there are a wide variety of razor weed killers which can effectively eliminate weeds. Homeowners can conveniently do it themselves with these effective razor weed killer products and have a great looking lawn in no time.

Image result for pramitol 25ePramitol 25E

This herbicide is a solid weed killer control for hard to kill weeds, such as bindweed and Johnson grass. It comes in both quart size and one gallon containers. It’s often used along fence lines, around farm buildings and industrial sites. Much of its activity depends on water to move into the roots of weeds. As a result, watering or rainfall is needed. Pramitol 25E is best used before or after weeds grow.



Image result for krovarKrovar

Krovar razor weed killer can be used for both non-crop and crop weed control. It’s a biodegradable product with diuron and bromacil.Simply mix Krovar with water and spray and you’re ready to rock. This pre-emergent weed control can eliminate pigweed, Russian thistle, kochia, and many broadleaf weeds. This product affects the plant’s ability to manufacture food, and the plant eventually dies. It’s also long lasting. Krovar razor weed killer remains in the soil for one to two years. It provides long term control of emerging weeds until it’s decomposed by natural biological processes. Krovar razor weed killer is mixed with water and applied with a spray-suspension system.




Image result for roundup quikpro

Roundup Quickpro

Roundup Quickpro controls grass weeds and broadleaf weeds. With diquat and the surfactant, weeds die fast. The product is also quickly absorbed by plants and rainfast in an hour. It works much faster that other glyphosphate products, and the product doesn’t wash away quickly. See results in as little as 24 hours. Other benefits include no splashing, quick solution, no-clog spray nozzles, and a calibrated cup for easy measuring.




Ranger Pro

Image result for ranger pro

Ranger Pro is another broad spectrum herbicide that is effective against annual weeds and perennial weeds. This product moves through the plant and into its root system. It’s a water soluble liquid with surfactant. Ranger Pro absorbs into the soil and breaks down naturally. It doesn’t spread and destroy neighboring plants. With 41 percent glyphosate, it’s proven to be highly effective at eradicating weeds.

With these technologically advanced products, both homeowners and businesses can attain that dream lawn. If you have a lingering weed problem, order one of these products from our online store today!



Plateau Herbicide for Prairie Grass Management

Plateau Herbicide


For prairie grass management, this is a go-to product! Plateau herbicide can be effective in providing the weed control and can be helpful in making the green turf areas more high lightened. Plateau is termed as an imidazolinone herbicide which is effectively applied on PPI, EP, PRE or POST to control the growth of grass. Plateau herbicide also makes notable contributions in controlling the cheat grass before the seedling. The damage is very minimum in these types of grasses hence the use of such grasses is at maximum rate on prairie grasses. The plateau product also works on pre emergent and post emergent grasses.



Quinclorac 75 Herbicide

Quinclorac Herbicide

The highlights of Quinclorac herbicides makes use of control of crabgrass and grassy weeds without harming turf and the elimination of a broad spectrum of broadleaf. Quinclorac is used to control crabgrass in bermuda and zoysia lawns. It can also be used on athletic fields, schools, commercial properties, landscapes, ornamental beds, and other turf grasses.,



 For more information on making your lawn perfect click here !


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