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Help With Choosing The Right Weed Control

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

I need your help in choosing the right weed control. I have a medium to large yard and each year my yard is full of johnson grass and crab grass and some other weeds that i do not know their names. I have got on my knees and tried to pull the johnson grass and crab grass up by the roots and each time they keep growing back. I have tried to buy sprays from the hardware stores and i just get ripped off. My neignbors is complaning to me that i need to do something about my johnson grass because the seed spores just flies every where and they do not want and spores to land in their yards. Can you recommend me or do you have anytning that will kill this stubborn johnson grass and crab grass that will really work because i am tired to spending money and getting no results. Thank You!!!!!


Johnson grass is a very tall, coarse, grass that has stout rhizomes. It grows in dense clumps can reach 8 feet (2.4 meters) in height. Johnson grass is a very aggressive, perennial grass and a single plant can produce 5,000 seeds and they can lay dormant for 20 years.  It occurs in dense clumps that spread by seed and rhizomes. The grass emerges late in spring and forms seed by July 1, reaching a height of 8 or more feet. Stems and leaves die back after the first frost, but the dead litter often covers the ground all winter. Rhizome cuttings i srecommended in some research and then suggested that it will commonly form new plants, making it very difficult to eradicate. It spreads rapidly.


Best practice is the apply Roundup 41 % Glyphosate directly to each mound of johnson grass, and be consistent spray them all.  You may even need to manually remove the rhizomes.  Good Luck!

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