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Vector Plasma Fly Light Drop Dead Gorgeous

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016




The Fastest Vector




Achieve rapid fly control in production and storage areas of

large commercial facilities and back-of-house areas of restaurants

and commercial kitchens with this fast-acting unit. The

Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72-watts

of insect attraction. The Lift & Service cover makes service and

maintenance a snap.




Available in two models:




A. Grilled cover for quick and easy inspection

B. Screened cover for hidden glueboards




• Fastest catch in Vector family

• Dual glueboards provide maximum catch area

• Ideal for use in food processing, commercial

kitchens, restaurants, warehouses and schools





• Avoid placement that directs light out doorways or passage ways. Ideally, the light from the trap should

not be visible from outside the room in which it is placed.

• Do not place traps in areas where they can be easily obstructed.

• Place traps in areas where they will not be easily bumped or easily tampered.

• Take into consideration air currents caused by doorways, HVAC systems, kitchen hood and other air vents.

Strong air currents could lead flying insects into unsuspecting areas.




Best Trap Maintenance Practices




• Glueboards should be changed monthly if possible. More frequent replacement is recommended in areas

with heavy insect pressure.

• Bulbs should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Replacement should take place at the beginning of the

season when the heaviest flying insect pressure occurs—typically in the Spring.


“Vector Plasma has the appearance of power. It not only looks powerful enough to get the job done, it actually gets the job done. When it hangs on a client’s wall, both the client and I feel confident in the Plasma’s ability to catch flies. In my experience, one Vector Plasma insect light trap caught more flies than two of the competitor’s.


Commerical kitchen pest control and restaurant pest control can be daunting and leave owners wondering if they can in fact do their own pest control.  At  Epest Solutions we can help you with all aspects of restaurant pest control, from drain fly control, flying insects, roach control, fly control and even provide you with the largest selection of fly lights, Vector Fly Light, Flyweb, Mantis Insect Light Trap, Pest Traps, Nemesis Insect Electrocuters, CB-80 Contact Aerosol, Bio-mop, bulbs and glueboards

Drain flies can be an ongoing problem for restaurant and commercial kitchens but with the right arsenal in your closet you can take control of your drain fly problem.  Products like Bio-mop, Drain gel, aerosols CB-80 do a great job on drain flies and fungus gnats.  Do not let floor drains stand in water; keep ceiling vents screened properly; Commercial Kitchens should make sure that floor drains are screened and grease pits are emptied and cleaned at least 1 time per month.


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