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Vector Eclipse Fly light

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Introducing the Vector Eclipse fly trap, the latest member of the Vector family of superior flying insect control products


This decorative trap doesn’t look like a bug light and that’s the beauty of it. Its two 15 watt bulbs and Vector Universal Glueboard C provide the performance your customers need. Like all Vector light traps, the Eclipse is easy to service and install.

Perfect for restaurant dining areas and other front of- house locations where discretion is required. Hidden glueboards prevent customers from seeing flies, and the brushed aluminum styling and LED accent lights create the appearance of a decorative wall light. This Vector Eclipse fly trap from Whitmire Micro-Gen combines function, style and serviceability. 




• Two 15 watt bulbs deliver 30 watts of insect-attracting UV light

• Curved Eclipse light blades on each side bend light forward, for increased range and efficacy


Ease of Service


• Use Vector Universal Glueboard C—no need to stock an additional SKU on service vehicles

• Hinged cover makes servicing quick and easy




• Long-lasting, low-energy LED accent lights and sleek brushed aluminum cover give the appearance of

a decorative wall light




Installation and Maintenance Tips


General Positioning


• Mount vertically 3′-8′ above the floor.

• Do not place traps in areas where

they can be easily obstructed.




Best Trap Maintenance Practices


• Glueboards should be changed

monthly, if possible. More frequent

replacement is recommended in

areas with heavy insect pressure.

• Bulbs should be replaced every 12

months. Replacement should take

place at the beginning of the season

when the heaviest flying insect

pressure occurs—typically in the





Replacement Parts


• The Vector Universal Glueboard C (C is for

the additional creases in the glueboard that

allow for easy installation in the Eclipse)

is a direct replacement for the current

Vector Universal Glueboard. These universal

glueboards fit into many industry light traps




including the Vector Classic


®, Plasma®





Plasma One™.

• 15 watt Vector Eclipse replacement bulbs.

• LED accent lights with safety fitting.








Total Protection




• Use in conjunction with the 72 watt Vector Plasma for total protection.

– Front-of-House: Vector Eclipse for performance and discretion.

– Back-of-House: Vector Plasma for superior attractiveness and larg







The Vector Eclipse is designed to provide excellent flying




insect catch with a decorative appearance. Follow the care




and maintenance instructions provided so that your fly

traps perform at the highest level for many years.




Change glueboards every month to achieve the best

surface for capturing flying insects. Under heavy

pressure, the boards may need to be changed more





• Open cover

• Slide the top of glueboard from behind the

retention slot then lift glueboard out of unit




• Use only Vector












Universal Glueboard C



(Whitmire Micro-Gen #20-2017 and #20-2018)

• Fold creases along perforation as shown on








reverse side




• Pull away release paper from adhesive side of glueboard

• Insert folded bottom of glueboard into bottom tray, then slip top of glueboard behind

retention slot (See diagram on reverse side.)

• Close cover




TIP: When closing the cover, make sure the hinge pins slide all the way into the hinge slot;

otherwise the cover will not stay closed. There is a nub at the top of the unit that secures the

cover when properly closed.




Change the UV light bulbs every 12 months to produce the proper UV light levels. Over

time, insect attracting UV light degrades and a fresh bulb is require for optimal attraction.




• Unplug unit

• Open cover

• Rotate bulbs ¼ turn then slide bulb pins out from expose slots at both ends

• Use only Vector Eclipse replacement bulbs (Whitmire Micro-Gen #20-2019)

• Insert replacement bulbs by sliding bulb pins into receptacles at both ends, then rotate

¼ turn locking them into place

• Close door

• Plug -in unit


TIP: Remove light blades prior to changing bulbs to provide more working space. See instructions

for removing light blades.



Cleaning the unit is important to maintain the appearance of the trap as well as prevent damage or





• Always unplug the fly trap prior to cleaning or servicing the unit

• For best results, wipe the exterior surface of the unit with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris

• Light blades, cover and other the exterior surface should always be cleaned with non abrasive cleansers


• When cleaning light blades, it is best to remove them from the unit prior to cleaning

• To remove the light blades, push the light blades upwards into the upper receptacle which contains a

spring. This allows clearance for the bottom end to be removed from the corresponding top receptacle

• To reinstall light blades, place top of light blade into top receptacle (slotted side facing inward),

compressing spring in the top receptacle to allow enough clearance to insert bottom of light blade

into corresponding bottom receptacle (See diagram below.)




TIP: Use Instant Soap ‘N Water









® on a clean cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges from metal cover.




Changing the LED lights is not a routine activity since each LED light typically lasts over 5 years.

However, when you need to replace them the process is simple.




• Unplug unit

• Rotate bulb counterclockwise ¼ turn until bulb releases from socket

• Only replace lights with Vector LED lights, this is a special safety light designed for the Vector Eclipse unit

• Insert replacement bulb in socket, turn clockwise ¼ turn until secure

• Plug-in unit




TIP: If you do not want to use the LED lights, remove the bulb and slide the metal covers over the socket

(2 metal covers are provided in each box)












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