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The Benefits of a Fly Light

posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Fly lights are a great way to control flies and other flying insects. It is the light that attracts
them; however, sometimes pheromones are used as well. Once the flying invaders get close
to the light, they buzz around until they bump into a sticky pad that is usually non-toxic. On
contact, it catches the flies. Once the sticky pad is full, you pull it out, throw it away, and
replace it with a new pad. It really is that easy.

The Decorative Features
Many fast food restaurants have them throughout their dining room and you would never
know due to some of these lights aesthetics. Many people think they are just decorative lights.
Many of these fly lights are made into sconces so you never see any dead insects. Figure out
how many square feet you want to cover and purchase accordingly. It’s usually better to have
multiple smaller lights spread out throughout the area you want to protect. Bear in mind most
lights require an electrical outlet. If you have to call in an electrician to install more outlets, it
could get expensive.

Bigger Units Could Save You in the Long Run

If you have a shortage of outlets, consider purchasing the bigger units. Even though it will
probably cost you more to get a few big ones over the cost of smaller units, if you do not have
to hire an electrician, most of the time you will come out ahead. You want to watch where you
place these light traps – you want them placed in strategic areas around the inside of your
building. Also, take care not to place these fly lights too close to other light sources as this will
reduce their effectiveness.

If you are covering a large building, take care to keep accurate records of when the traps
are serviced so you know which areas are most prone to infestations by which particular
flying species and at what times of the year. Your data will include the types of flies you are
getting, the general amounts of each fly, and the location and date you got your data. You
can also utilize this information with the progress you achieve with different strategies you are


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