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Sorry to hear you have flies!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Sorry to Hear that flies were giving our customers such a problem and that the buzzing was driving them crazy so we have put together some summer fly control recommendations.  Whether it is your home, barn or resturant we have all the solutions you will every need.

With a Masters Degree in Entomology and over 12 years in the pest control and research industry we know our stuff!

Fly control
can be challenging for homeowners, but some simple tips can help reduce the breeding ground and add a few of our product recommendations to your summer arsenal and you could be fly free this summer!

Common sense with fly control goes a long way.  Keep your trash can lids tight and make sure you don’t leave food waste outside.  Clean up spills and a weekly trash can cleaning will do everyone some good except the flies.  Keep your trash cans away from entry doors, or you will see a lot more inside than you would like.  Be kind to your neighbors and keep your trash cans away from their back doors.

Now it is time to add the arsenal from Solutions, Small fly problem:  Catchmaster Gold sticks, work like a charm, put them away from gathering areas, attractant will draw them in and the glue will get them stuck, throw it way when done.  Heavier population:  Check out Maxforce Fly Spot, this stuff rocks…flies dead in seconds.  Easy to use simply spray everywhere, let dry.  Good thing is it dries clear so no one knows it there except the soon to be dead flies!!!  2 thumbs up for this product.

Other favorites:  Bifen or Talstar for large areas you can spray the fence, structures, etc.  Where ever you see flies resting you will want to spray, do this every 60 days.

Don’t forget about our small home or office sized flylight Fly Web.  Plug it in when you turn out the lights catch all the flies!  PS.  We use this in our home, it works!

Resturants:  We have the largest selection of fly lights, bulbs, and glueboards.  Whether you are looking for fly lights inside the kitchen or in the dining areas we have you covered. 

E Z strike Fly Bait Stations Makes fly control easy!

Check out our favorite invention EZ strike fly bait stations, these guys are designed to keep the fly bait out of the reach of pets and humans and still  be accessible to the flies.  Yur customers will not even know what these guys are doing but will appreciate the lack of flies.  Can be attached to walls, fences, etc.  Key entry access.  Use Maxforce fly bait inside for controlling the fly population on the outside.

Maxforce Fly Bait

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 Checkout our Free Advice section where you can find fly light recommendations to help you select the right one for your resturant, commercial facility.  Guidelines for placement are also available

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