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Mantis 1x2 Professional Insect Light Trap

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016

Mantis 1×2 Professional Insect Light Trap


Portable and ideal for use in food preparation areas and a variety of sensitive areas. Attractive, ultra slim, wall mounted unit (freestanding baracket available) compact and unintrusive.

High Quality Utilizing Advanced Glue Board technology In Slim-Line Designs


  • Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction
  • Large full-size glue boards that are interchangable among the Mantis line. One board, one brand that effectively catches even the smallest flies
  • Black adhesive boards add discreetness and hide catch
  • Gray grid matrix boards, available as an option, for easy insect counting and monitoring. Boards can be retained to provide an accurate record of density counts for HACCP audits
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop down guards and front covers for no tool quick and easy service
  • Patented Reflectobakt™ sleeves for maximum catch and increased attractiveness to insects. Significantly slows the drying of the glue board
  • Longer universal board life means the potential for less changing. Less changing means labor savings
  • All metal construction means longer lasting systems for years of reliable service  
  • 30 watts of Quantum power give 180° coverage and optimum performance 30 watts of Quantum power give 180° coverage and optimum performance
  • Durable white powder-coated zintec steel or brushed stainless steel for long life
  • Available in 110v and 220v
  • H:12½” W:19″ D:2½”
  • 10lb
  • Wall-mounted Freestanding
  • Available in 110v and 220v
  • H:12½” W:19″ D:2½”
  • 10lb >li>Wall-mounted Freestanding

Fly lights and Pest Control for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens
Commerical kitchen pest control and restaurant pest control can be daunting and leave owners wondering if they can in fact do their own pest control.  At e Epest Solutions we can help you with all aspects of restaurant pest control, from drain fly control, flying insects, roach control, fly control and even provide you with the largest selection of fly lights, Vector Fly Light, Flyweb, Mantis Insect Light Trap, Pest Traps, Nemesis Insect Electrocuters, CB-80 Contact Aerosol, Bio-mop, bulbs and glueboards. 

Drain flies can be an ongoing problem for restaurant and commercial kitchens but with the right arsenal in your closet you can take control of your drain fly problem.  Products like Bio-mop, Drain gel, aerosols CB-80 do a great job on drain flies and fungus gnats.  Do not let floor drains stand in water; keep ceiling vents screened properly; Commercial Kitchens should make sure that floor drains are screened and grease pits are emptied and cleaned at least 1 time per month.

Solutions Pest & Lawn's low price guarantee assures you that you are getting the best prices on products for commercial and restaurant pest control.

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