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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Flies, unfortunately, are a part of everybody’s lives, some more than others. In some parts of the world and in different fields, flies and maggots can be very useful. In Japan, they are used for pollination; they can be helpful in the medical field to clean out wounds; and they are a great source of food for reptiles, birds and other small animals.

Although they can be very useful in these areas, flies are a huge pest in your home. The good news is you can get rid of your annoying flies without disrupting the fly population and hurting the industries in which they can be useful. We recommend using a variety of fly control products at the same time, one of the most useful being fly traps.

Tips on how to use 
fly traps

Fly traps are sticky pads that attract flies. Once the flies land on the pads they get stuck and ultimately perish.

  1. Place them away from entry ways – It is best to put fly traps a good distance from entry points or areas in which you gather. For example, if you plan on having a party and want to decrease the number of flies, place the trap(s) 10-20 feet away from the area so that the flies are attracted away from you. Also, place them a few days ahead of time for a more drastic result.
  2. Keep out of reach – Make sure that wherever you put the fly traps, your children, pets or other family members cannot accidentally come into contact with them. They are very sticky and can get caught in hair, on your clothes, or on your skin.
  3. Use other products – In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend that you use another fly control product as well as fly traps. Fly sprays, lights, baits and electrocutors are all very effective. Also, when using fly traps you may want to place multiples around your property depending on the size and severity of your problem.
  4. Clean – Make sure that the areas around the fly traps are clean. Make sure you pick up all food and do not leave food out for flies to snack on. Flies will be attracted by the food or drink instead of the trap and the problem will persist. If you have food out for a party, make sure you cover it up.

ePest Solutions sells a variety of fly control products and fly traps to help you get rid of your fly problem.

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