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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Flies in our home are annoying all on their own, but adding them into a commercial facility or restaurant setting and you are asking for trouble. That is why it is so important to take proper precautions to reduce and eliminate your fly issues in and around your facility. Flies are can give the appearance to customers that you have a sanitation problem and this is not the impression any restaurant or facility would want to have.

Flies are also link to a variety of human illness and disease, so they are considered vectors in the pest control industry. Fly control should be thorough of as a multi-faceted program that takes many approaches to the best level of control. Finding the source of flies can be difficult and they are capable of rapid reproduction, so using as many tools available is important, the point is that there is no one silver bullet for fly control.

Here are a few key elements in a fly control solution:

  • Inspection and sanitation: You need to look for and location as many fly breeding grounds on the facility and try and eliminate or at least reduce the access as much as possible.
    Also check for all your entry points.
  • Direct contact spray: There are great contact insecticides on the market that will kill you immediately fly control of adult flies. Some of these items can be used in an automatic mist system so a intermittent spray kills the flies.
  • Trapping and Monitoring: It is a necessary part of the industry to have fly light devices for capturing the adult flies, based on their attractant to light and the impregnated pheromone attractant glue boards. Having more than one, in each specific area of concern is a must. In a restaurant you would need one in the kitchen area and also one located in the public spaces, these units are different of course.
  • Residual Spraying: A good residual insecticide applied in the appropriate areas will control adult flies in their breeding areas, you should think about the trash receptacles areas and bays that flies are naturally attracted to for insecticide application. This type of application is highly effective and should not be skipped in the steps to being fly free.
  • Drain Treatments: These are areas rich in organic matter and a breeding ground for flies, so using a nonrepellent insecticide treatment in the drain is essential. Also a good drain cleaner to remove all and organic matter will help keep this issue under control.

Looking for ways to prevent and control flies around your home and yard, Solutions Pest & Lawn has you covered. We can help you control and repel flies easily with our professional products. Using the right products, such Vector Classic Fly Lights and Maxforce Fly Bait for your fly control problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach you how to use it, even better.

We have the right professional strength products for all your fly control problems. Guaranteed the best products at the best price. Our professional staff are here to help with all your pest control needs, call us to place your order today.

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