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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 1, 2016

Don’t Let Flies Keep Your Customers Away


Are you a business owner with a commercial facility and the flies are driving you and your employees crazy? The little buggers can be a nuisance – landing on body parts and buzzing around heads as people are trying to work. Swatting flies or shooing them away definitely doesn’t help increase productivity. But even worse than being little pests, flies can be harmful.

How to keep flies out your kitchen

Though these pests are tiny in size, they are prone to causing big problems, including sickness and disease. Flies are common around trash cans, decaying flesh, rotten food, feces and other places swarming with harmful bacteria. When these flies go from landing on food in the trash to the food on your plate, you become susceptible to getting sick from that bacteria. It’s a known fact that flies spread nearly 200 kinds of pathogens and parasites. Diseases spread by flies include:


The last thing you need is for the employees working in your building to get sick because of flies. So what’s a boss to do? Keep reading for do-it-yourself ways to take care of business and keep pesky flies at bay.

Implement Proper Sanitation Methods

One of the easiest ways to control flies in your commercial facility is to implement proper sanitation methods. By not giving flies a place to land in the first place, they won’t hang around for long. Here are some things that can be done when it comes to sanitation to keep flies at bay.

Take care of the trash: Make sure there is no trash lying around, this includes both inside the building and outside. You’ll also want to ensure that trash cans and recycling bins are covered with tightly sealed lids. Use plastic liners and empty all trash cans on a regular basis. If you have a large garbage dumpster onsite, make sure trash bags are actually put inside the dumpster and aren’t just thrown near it. Also, always be sure to keep the lids closed on the dumpster. Get the dumpsters emptied on a regular basis, preferably at least once a week. Since odor attracts flies, it may be necessary to install an odor control system.

Tidy up and make things spic ‘n span: Having a good cleaning service is crucial for keeping flies away. Food residue and leftover crumbs on tables, countertops and desks can attract flies so make sure these areas are cleaned and sanitized at least once a day. Drain flies can become a problem so it is a good idea to keep sinks and garbage disposals free from food crumbs, grease, and grime. There are natural products on the market made out of scum-eating microbes that can help.

Keep up with bathroom maintenance: It’s important for many reasons to ensure all the plumbing in the building is in proper working order, especially the toilet. There’s almost nothing worse than a backed-up toilet in the workplace. Keeping up with bathroom maintenance means ensuring toilets are all in proper working order. When things don’t get flushed properly, the odor and whatever is left sitting in the toilet bowl can attract flies.

Pay Attention to Doorways and Windows: It’s always nice to get some fresh air, especially on those cooler summer days where a slight breeze is blowing and you don’t want to run the air conditioning. One way to get all that fresh air is by opening the windows. Before opening the windows, though, make sure they all have screens installed that are in good condition. Even the smallest hole or tear in the screen can let in flies.

When it comes to doors, flies have a tendency to sneak inside just by opening them. Having double doors creates an extra barrier so flies can’t get inside as easily. If a door has to remain open for long periods of time, air curtains can help to prevent fly entry. These air curtains provide a constant flow of air near doors and windows and can be used instead of plastic strips. Also, it is a good idea to have fans near doorways that will help blow the flies back outside. Having ceiling fans or small fans near workstations are also a good way to keep flies away.

Be Mindful of Your Outdoor Surroundings

One of the reasons flies get inside in the first place is they are attracted to what is on the outside of your building. It’s important to dispose of any dead animals as quickly as possible. Carcasses from birds, squirrels, mice, and other outdoor animals not only attract flies but they often lay their eggs on decomposing birds and rodents. Another thing you want to be mindful of on the outside of your building is if you have trees, shrubs, or flowers, don’t over water them. Be sure to keep your grounds free of debris and garbage and mow the grass on a regular basis.

There are also many other remedies and devices to keep flies away. Some of these include:

UV Traps
Traditional or electric fly swatters
Fly paper
Apple cider vinegar mixed with liquid detergent
Spraying inside with cayenne pepper/water mixture

Using any of these do-it-yourself methods will help you kill your fly problem. If you still need help, however, be sure to call or email Solutions Pest & Lawn.

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