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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016


Fly control zappers are the ideal method to treat a housefly problem because they work very effectively. They work by luring the pests in and killing them with a zap of electricity. This is a better solution than traditional sticky traps and swatters for several reasons. With a sticky trap, you are forced to come into contact with the potentially contaminated insects and with a swatter you first have to hit the bug and then have to hope you killed it right off the bat so you don’t have to waste time tracking it down!

Houseflies are an annoying pest, and you may find yourself wishing you could just eliminate them completely, however, that would not be a good thing! Despite their negative qualities, they can be beneficial. Maggots are regularly used for medical benefits. They can be used on humans and animals to clean wounds. As the maggots only eat dead tissue, they are excellent for removing infected tissue without damaging the healthy, healing skin!

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