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5 Steps To Getting Rid of Filth Flies

posted this on Nov 17, 2016

If there is one pest that is the most universally hated in all parts of the world, it’s the fly. These annoying buzzing pests can be found in virtually any location in the world and are the hard to get rid of once they have entered into a home. Homeowners have long been baffled that flies basically appear from out of nowhere when there is food laying around.


However, although they may make for a frustrating and difficult removal--especially if there's an outbreak of them upon your home-- it’s not impossible. There are control products available to effectively deal with flies in the house or outside and keep them away.


Here at Solution Stores we offer the largest selection of fly control products for your home, office or commercial facility. Whether you are in need of large scale treatment or have a small residential issue we can help guide you step-by-step through the process to ensure those flies are properly exterminated by you.


How To Control Flies (5 Step Solution)

Identifying what type of fly you are encountering in your home can help you in your treatment approach because the treatment approach may change based on different species of fly. We have modified treatment methods for various common household flies which you can find in our Solutions Knowledgebase. If you aren’t able to properly identify the fly yourself,  you can always take a picture of it and send it over to us at identification@solutionsstores.com and we will identify the fly for you and how to treat it.


Step 1: The most important thing to do to treat for flies is to first remove the sources of food, filth or decay that are attracting flies to your home. Remove food or garbage from your home, don’t leave water out and do a thoroughly cleansing of your home. If flies don’t have anything that that attracts them to your home, they won’t stick around.


Step 2: We recommend using a combination of bait and insecticide sprays when dealing with flies. Maxforce FlySpot Bait is an excellent choice as well as Novacide. These can be applied on surfaces and hard to reach areas like corners of homes and high ceilings.

Step 3:  If you have drain flies, which are flies that like to hide in your drainage pipes, we carry special drain gels like Invade Bio drain which can be poured down your drains. The gel will eat away at the scum and buildup that flies enjoy and use as their habitat.


Step 4:  Fly Lights (Mantis 2x2 Flylight Fly Trap) and Fly Traps (Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps Large) are also a very effective means of getting rid of flies indoors. Fly lights have powerful ultraviolet rays which are attractive to flies and lure the unsuspecting pests toward the light where they are captured via a glue board inside the light. These require no use of insecticides or spray. The trick is to place the traps in ideal areas of fly activity and away from competing sources of light.


Step 5: Outside fly control should consist of fly bait, and an insecticidal spray, such as Reclaim IT. Fly traps work great for outdoor spaces, but you will want to place these away from the area you want to be fly free, because it does act as an attractant.


If for some reason you are not getting control with our methods give us a call at (800) 479-6583 and we will provide a free consultation to determine your specific issues and ensure you eliminate the issue free of charge. We have extensive knowledge in fly control and can help you when you need us.

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