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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016
Short of getting your children to flick all the flies in your home with rubber bands, flies will get in your home, especially in those lovely summer months when the kids are playing in the pool or lawn sprinkler and the door to your home gets opened and shut frequently. They can be loud, irritating, and leave dirty germs everywhere…the flies, not your kids. You want all of them gone and instead of world peace, you want a fly-free planet. Well that probably will not happen anytime soon, so your best bet is to control the little flying pesky creatures.


A Few Things You Can Do for Free
A few things you can do on your own are to guard your kitchen like a soldier keeping out castle invaders. Keep your windows closed as much as possible; if you must open them, have a fan blowing at the window since flies hate strong currents. Also, keep your kitchen as clean as you can by wiping all surfaces as you go and do not leave standing water in your sink. Your trash can needs a good tight fitting lid that stays shut and is wiped down frequently. Pouring boiling water down your sink drain can keep odors from building up and attracting flies. This can be done anytime you pour yourself a cup of tea.


Go online to your favorite online pest control supplier and get yourself some fly traps.
They are the same fly traps that professional pest control technicians use and by
getting them yourself, you can save a lot of money. There are different types of traps
depending upon your needs. Some have food-grade attractants in them that are non-
toxic and safe to use around the kitchen and other areas of your home.


Non-Toxic Fly Traps, Very Effective
The traps are compact in size and are very effective in controlling and eliminating your
fly problem. Some traps attract flies with UV lights and trap them using glue boards
that contain no chemicals at all, just natural ingredients. They are easily replaced and
non-toxic. Other traps using attractants can be hung up outside to draw in the flies
and kill them with water. The flies get caught in the trap and drown; no chemicals just
ingeniously designed traps.
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