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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 13, 2016

Getting rid of flies can be annoying and sometimes difficult. There are more than 120,000 different species in the world and although most of them live only about 3 weeks, they are consistently reproducing. Each female fly lays about 500 eggs in her lifetime and those eggs become larvae within about a day and then in less than a week they are fully grown and ready to mate. Most of the time flies populate in areas where they can find rotten natural materials or feces. In those areas fly control is especially important.

Because flies do not have teeth, they soften their food by regurgitating on it and then eating it. This can be harmful to humans because of the fact that flies feed on rotten materials and feces. Flies can carry many pathogens including those that cause parasitic worms, anthrax, tuberculosis, typhoid fever and salmonellosis.

Different means of 
fly control

  1. Fly traps – Fly traps are very sticky and use a chemical agent that attracts flies. Once the fly lands on the trap they cannot move and they die very quickly. They can be hung or placed on a surface and are safe to use virtually anywhere.
  2. Fly baits – Baits come in granules, strips, stations and liquids. Stations are great for outdoor areas and around livestock. Most of our products are very effective at killing flies and most start working within about a minute with results lasting up to 8 weeks.
  3. Fly lights and electrocutors – These are a great means of fly control. They can be used virtually anywhere, they last a long time, they come with replacement accessories and they can eliminate a wide variety of flies. SolutionsSolutions sells the highest quality products at the lowest prices. We offer wall mounts, corner mounts, ceiling mounts and discreet units that can be used indoor or outdoor and are great for businesses in the food industry.
  4. Drain and floor treatments – When you are trying to get rid of small flies in your home – such as fruit flies – it is first important to find their breeding ground. These flies breed and survive in wet, dark places such as drains, plants, etc. It can be quite difficult to find this area, but you must in order to have a successful elimination. Look for adult flies to indicate their breeding area.

Finding fly control products and using them can be a real pain. Here at SolutionsStores we aim to make it a little easier with our high quality products, cost efficiency and superb customer service. We will help you every step of the way.

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