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Fly Control Recommendation for a Restaurant

posted this on Aug 10, 2016
Fly Control Recommendations for a Restaurant
There is a multitude of ways to control flies, I have listed below a complete recommendation.  But if you are going to go with only a few items then a good flylight and the fly spot would be the recommendation.
Fly spot
This is something that can be applied inside and outside to windows, ledges.  Dires clear, no noticeable by customers.  Flies die withing seconds.
Good residual product that can be sprayed, near and around outdoor area, front doors, dumpsters and areas that flies are resting.  Will give you a 90 day residual effect, flies will not die in seconds but will dies within minutes, really will control a population of flies.
 Maxforce Fly Bait
I am including 2 attachements for the eclipse and also the Vector discreet and other available units:
Eclipse fly light
Vector Discreet Fly light
Please email me if you need any further assistance or you would likd assistance placing an order.
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