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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Flies are not just a pest, they are an absolute nuisance. They come into your home through cracks and crevices and there is just no way to stop them. When you have a problem like this, you generally want to contact a professional. These people are called a PMP. Your PMP, or Pest Management Professional, may recommend trapping or targeted killing of the adult flies as a supplement as well.

The adult flies have a very short lifespan. However, traps such as the new InVade Fruit Fly Trap can be helpful to eliminate adults quickly, trap flies that come in from outside, or that are brought in with produce. Catching these flies before they find a place to lay eggs can be beneficial. Your PMP may also use small traps called monitors to help pinpoint areas where the flies are breeding.

InVade Lures and Traps contain non-toxic attractants that are designed to lure flies into traps or in some cases to a targeted surface that your PMP has spot treated with a residual pesticide.

Your PMP may use sticky “glueboards” treated with InVade gel attractant. They may spot treat the surfaces of these traps with a pesticide so that the flies will die even if they don’t get caught in the trap.

It is important to not disturb the traps your PMP may place and to follow any instructions they may give with regard to checking traps, replacing them or refilling them.

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