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Using appropriate products to eliminate fleas

posted this on Aug 4, 2016

Fleas are a problem that impacts the lives of families and individuals throughout the country. The insects are often spread from pets or are dragged into the house from an outdoor setting. Once the pests get into the house, it can be an annoying problem. That is why it’s important to select the most appropriate products from ePestSolutions to eliminate the insects before they can spread and cause more problems.


Flea power is a DIY flea control measure that is appropriate when the insects are already in the house and have infested the carpet, furniture, or other items. Since the insects can spread quickly and jump from different locations, using a powder is a fast and effective way to eliminate the insects.

The downside of a powder is that it can seem messy and it may not be necessary in every situation. It is also a chemical solution, which is not always preferred in a house that has small children or several pets.


Although powder is a good choice when the infestation has spread, a trap or flea bait can be a good solution when the problem is still contained within a small area. For example, putting out flea bait near an infestation and allowing the insects to get trapped will ensure that the problem does not spread further and it will avoid any problems that may be associated with chemical treatments.

Small children and pets should be kept away from the bait and trap to ensure that the fleas do not spread and that there are not health concerns associated with the chemicals that attract the insects.


Since the best flea control measures and products can depend on the level of infestation and the situation, it’s important to consider each product carefully and evaluate the uses before buying a product. Evaluate any potential problems that may arise, such as children who may be curious about the traps, and pick out a product that will address any personal concerns. At ePestSolutions, all of the products are effective and can help eliminate the insects before an infestation can spread further.

When insects are causing problems, it is important to find the right solution. By using DIY flea control measures, it’s possible to stop the problem before it can get out of control. Comparing the products and the ways that they are used can simplify the process of purchasing an appropriate product.

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