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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

How do I prepare my home for chemical treatment?


Since flea eggs and larvae can be just about anywhere in the home that the pets go, your goal will be to apply the spray to all those susceptible areas. I know in my home my cat likes to hide under my daughters bed, hoping to escape detection and not get tossed outside for the day. If the cat had fleas she is no doubt seeding the carpeted area of the bedroom with flea eggs, and if we failed to spray there we would miss one of the “hot spots” in the house. You want to ensure, though, that you DO NOT SPRAY any clothing, children’s toys, or any other personal materials. So, whether it is you doing it or the professional company you have contracted with, prior to spraying you must:

  •   Pick up everything on the floor, including under beds and inside closets
  •   Flip up the bed blankets so the area below is readily accessible
  •   Tie back floor length drapes so the edges of walls are accessible
  •   Pull out sofas and chairs and pick up, and vacuum that area thoroughly!  Have I said Vacuum enough!
  •   Remove all pet dishes from floors
  •   Cover fish tanks and turn off the air supply during the application


Vacuum every square inch of carpet as thoroughly as you can. That bears repeating – VACUUM every square inch of carpet as thoroughly as you can. This will not only straighten up the fibers of the carpet to facilitate the action of the spray, but it also is the physical movement and contact that will cause many of the flea pupae to hatch to adult fleas, and get them past the difficult stage.  Remember to remove the vacuum bag to the outside trash cans for pick up, no point in vacuuming and then letting the fleas and eggs hatch and survive in your house.


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