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Going For Hipster But Needing A Flea Treatment Instead?

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

So nothing is cool about having fleas and having to perform a flea treatment on your home. But since we all love our pets, fleas will come a knockin’. If you find yourself knee-deep in fleas, kidding really, but if you do have fleas popping up all over the place, the first thing to do is get rid of the infestation. Of course this happens when all your hipster friends come over to drink PBR and play their latest guitar solo for you.


Out with the Hipsters and the Fleas

At this point, the hipsters must leave and you must take all of your furry pets to the vet to get treated with a flea bath and the medication your vet recommends. Throw away any animal bedding as well. You can choose to wash it, but make sure it is in the hottest water available.

It is important to understand that adult fleas feed on blood, yours and your pets. After they eat, they mate, breed, then lay little larvae all over the place. This cycle needs
to stop at all costs. Get to your friendly online DIY pest control store and obtain some quality flea control supplies, baits, flea traps, insect growth regulators, and insecticides
labeled for flea control reaching the adult stages of the flea. That may sound expensive,
but in actuality, it doesn’t have to be when you shop with a great DIY pest control

There are flea control kits that can be purchased very reasonably that will kill those
pesky little buggers at whatever stage they may be in. Doing the job yourself will save
you hundreds of dollars and you can be assured that if you follow the label’s directions,
those products will be effective.

Creep Out Disclaimer!
For every flea you actually see, there are ten times in eggs, seven times in larvae, and
two cocoons. Once you are done being creeped out, just know that you are in control
and with a little reading, mixing, and proper application, your flea troubles will be far
behind you. You and your hipster friends will soon be posting your oh-so-hip profile
shots on Instagram in no time.

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