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Destroy Fleas With a Flea Yard Spray

posted this on Feb 19, 2018

Fleas – the tiny, flightless creatures can make a pet’s life a misery; and a human being’s too. The mere utterance of the word “fleas” makes the body go all itchy and scratchy.

Fleas are like a contagious disease that can spread and exist in every nook and corner of your home- from the bed and carpet of your room to lawn furniture of your yard.

That’s right, yard too!

If you thought ridding the house of fleas was enough, then think twice, because these wingless insects get into your pet through the yard and into your home. Yes, the yard is the root of the problem!

But you don’t have to worry because you can use a yard flea spray to combat them.  Learn how you can stop them from turning your peaceful lawn into a jungle!

How to Know if Your Yard is Plagued with Fleas?

Before jumping down to find solutions to rid your yard of fleas, it is imperative to know first if your yard has fleas or not.

Following are some ways to determine whether the flea situation is serious, or not:


  1. Observe your Pet’s Behavior

Since fleas affect your pets first, it is important to first assess the pet’s behavior.

It could be possible that your pet is scratching excessively. If it is doing so, then go ahead and examine its fur. Most of the times infested animals lose excessive amounts of fur and their skins turn red. If that is what you notice in your pet, then afraid to say, some serious fleas are residing on your pet’s bodies.

Since cats and dogs are popular pet animals, there are particular areas where you can look for insects in their bodies. In case of dogs, mostly the fleas attack the hindquarter of the dog which includes their buttocks and back legs. While in case of cats, their heads and necks are the common targets.

What to look for?

If you are wondering what to look for when detecting fleas in your pet’s furry hair; look for thin, flat bodies that crawl through the animal’s furs. Their length is approximately 2.5mm and they have six long legs which help them take long jumps around the body, making pets go all itchy and scratchy.


  1. Flea Eggs

Fleas are very small. Imagine how tiny their eggs must be! Looking for flea eggs is difficult but they are the reason for the origin of fleas in your yard. Hence, it is important to kill them.

The flea eggs, larvae and pupae are more secretive and hidden in places where you may not have a clue. So, to find them, you can search for them in or under your lawn’s furniture, your pet’s bedding, lawn chair, cracks in the floor and rugs and carpets.

Unlike other parasites, flea eggs are not sticky and within one to twelve days, they turn into larvae which are ugly, white colored creatures that measure up to 3 to 5.2 mm in length.


  1. Walk Around the Yard with White Socks on

To ensure that your yard is not the source of flea infestation, wear white socks up to your calves and walk around places where your pet hangs around the most. The white socks will easily make the tiny, ugly creatures visible.

Remember that fleas love shady and cool places. You can easily find them among leaves and woody shrubs of your lawn. It is highly unlikely to find them is the open grass or sunny areas. So, hunt for the pest in the cathouse, kennel, patio, porch, fences and garden trees and flowers.  

How to kill off Fleas From the Yard?

Although there is a bunch of ways to make your yard flea-free, the best way is to use the yard flea spray. Are you confused which one to use? Read on below for the valuable insight about the best flea sprays.


  1. Pystol Misting Concentrate

This type of flea spray is especially designed for barns and outdoor yards. The first genericPyranha 1-10HP is used with the help of an automatic misting system. Many households buy misting systems to keep insects from raiding their houses. Using Pystol with the help of an automatic misting machine will kill the insects in a jiffy.

You can easily apply the yard flea spray in your horse barns, cat shelters, and kennels. However, make sure pets and your family members are away while you are misting.  


  1. Petcor Flea Spray

Petcor flea spray is great for eliminating flea eggs and larvae on your pets. You can spray your cats, kittens or puppies with this spray when they are out in the yard.

The best way to apply it is to spray it lightly on the fur of your pet. However, if you want deep penetration then spray deep in the natural direction of your pet’s hair and evenly ruffle the hair for equal spread.

Do you know that the spray not only helps eradicating fleas, lice but even mosquitoes too?


  1. Novacide Flea and Tick Killer

With the combination of four chemicals this type of yard flea spray can be used to kill all the fleas hiding in the floor, lawn furniture and cracks and corners of your lawn. Thus, it has the powerful ability to make your lawn total flee-free.


  1. Flee Trigger Spray

You can also eliminate fleas reaching into your home by applying this spray onto your dogs, cats, puppies that are over eight weeks of age. Its application gives effective, waterproof control of fleas for up to one month. The spray is so effective that it kills off fleas even before they lay eggs, preventing the birth of more fleas.


  1. Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTU

You might not know but pesky little fleas can reside in flower beds too. The best way to deal with it is to use Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTU. The spray effectively kills the pests while protecting your garden’s flowers, shrubs, and trees.

So, use these impressive yet effective flea sprays in yards and onto your pets and stop uninvited fleas entering your home.

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