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Q&A: Bifenthrin IT, Insect Growth Regulators for Fleas & Ticks

posted this on Nov 17, 2016


I have Bifen IT to use for yard and inside home.  It says it does not have an IGR in it.  Is that true, I thought it did.  I read on line that IGR are only for fleas and

there is none for ticks.  Is that true?




No the bifen does not have an IGR in the mix, you can add it to the mixture, precor would be the best option.  I typically do not really see the value of adding an IGR outside because they do not hold up well in the weather.

Better to really spend time doing a thorough application, really saturate the soil not just get the grass wet,  make sure you pay special attention to the shady parts of the yard as flea will be the heaviest in those areas.
If you are trying to also control ticks, then you need to additional spray about knee height up all the surfaces that surround the property.  Fence, side of home, shrubs, these are the areas that ticks will be waiting for something to brush up against them so they can attach and begin the bloodmeal.
Inside look at products such as Novacide, an aerosol with adulticide and the IGR mixed together, easy to apply, dries quick and will work for ticks also.
Here are a couple of links:
Thank you for your question and please do not hesitate to ask for anymore information or suggestions.
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