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Fleas & Ticks

Ticks got ya scratching your head?
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

We tend to stop thinking about fleas and ticks when the cold months start rolling in, but do our pets. Fleas and ticks on your dog or cat will not be affected by the cold outside so we need to pay just as much attention in December as we do in May. Check your pets for fleas and the feces blood s...

Flea and Tick DIY Pest Control
Bug Lady Oct 18, 2016

  Flea and Tick Overview Fleas and ticks are one of the more common household pests that you can encounter. These itchy critters are usually associated with pets such as dogs and cats, and often attach themselves to these animals when they are outside exploring. Once they hop on board of...

Q&A: Bifenthrin IT, Insect Growth Regulators for Fleas & Ticks
Bug Lady Nov 17, 2016

Question: I have Bifen IT to use for yard and inside home.  It says it does not have an IGR in it.  Is that true, I thought it did.  I read on line that IGR are only for fleas and there is none for ticks.  Is that true?   Answer:   No the bifen does not have an...

It's Tick Season! Tips For a Tick-Free Summer
Camille Landry Jun 20, 2017

Summer weather brings a lot of opportunities for fun activities for families--outdoor play for the kids, camping and pool time—but it also presents opportunities for ticks to find a human host to bite and latch onto.   Ticks love to make their presence felt during the summer months ...

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