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What You Should Know About Permethrin

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Most likely, you’ve never heard of permethrin. But if you have an insect problem, you should remember the name because it can make your life a lot more pleasant.

Permethrin can solve your pest problems

Permethrin is an insecticide that, while manmade, is very similar to chemicals in the nature-based pyrethroid family. Permethrin is based on chemicals found in plants and flowers which have insecticide properties. These are among the oldest organic insect killers. This chemical is popular as a pest control product because it is an effective insecticide, and also has a low toxicity risk for people and pets.  (It is often used as the basis for creams and products to combat head lice, scabies and other pest-related conditions.)

You can find permethrin in a range of pest products, including flea sprays and mosquito treatments, but it is effective in fighting a long list of pests. It is fast-acting, but also provides continuous protection for at least several weeks after initial application.

If you’re looking for an effective pest solution inspired by Mother Nature, permethrin might be exactly what you need.

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