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Use Natural Ant Pest Control to Keep Your Home Pest Free

posted this on Oct 5, 2016

If you have little children at home, just the thought of having your house sprayed for
ants is not a comforting one. You do not want to bring in unwanted and potentially
harmful chemicals into your home. There are other natural ant control options out there
that you can purchase from your online do it yourself pest control supplier to help you in
this situation.

Diatomaceous Earth as Pest Control
Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic compound that is very effective at killing ants and a
host of insects. It is made from remnants of fossilized diatoms which are hard shelled
algae and crushed to a powder or dust form. This diatomaceous earth has sharp
edges that are deadly only to bugs as it hacks through pesky ants and dries them out,
effectively killing them. It can be applied as a dust or powder spray. If they ants swallow
the stuff, it will shred their innards and destroy them.

Kill the Queen with Acid
Boric acid is another organic chemical that kills ants without harm to humans. The
ancient Greeks used boric acid to preserve food, similar to how we use salt today. It
acts as a stomach poison in ants, causing dehydration. The ants will die slowly and in
so doing, will spread the boric acid back to the nest where the other ants will eat it as
well as the queen. Once you kill the queen, the colony is almost destroyed. The goal in
doing all of this is total extinction of the ant nest and colony which is where the ants live
and breed. You can use this in a powder or gel form.

Boric acid may need an attractant to lure the ants to consume it like an ant bait gel that
you can purchase online which effectively draws the ants to eat the substances. Both of
the natural pesticides are very effective and powerful and definitely a good green option
than regular insecticides. So go green and still take care of your ant infestation the
natural and safe way. Go online to your favorite DIY pest control supplier for these and
other products you can use to keep your home pest free.

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