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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016


Monica Bird+ | October 12, 2010
Intice and Non Repellents

Apply non repellent in a band around the structure and in other areas where needed and permitted by the label. Sprinkle InTice Granular Bait right on top of the non-repellent treatment. The application doesn’t need to be perfectly uniform, since pests are looking for bait (food), not trying to avoid it. Ants will enter the treated Zone pick up the bait and head directly back to the nest. This provides more efficient transfer of the non-repellent back to the nest, as well as the “double-whammy” effect of the bait and the non-repellent together. Never use repellent pyrethroid granules in combination with non-repellents. This will chase pests away from the non-repellent and defeat the purpose of the treatment.

InTice Granular INsect Bait

InTice Granular Bait – Broad spectrum bait for ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish and other occasional invaders. Contains proteins, oils and sweet for the best acceptance and lasts up to 90 days outdoors and a year or more indoors.
Product Code: Intice_Bait

 Intice Granular Insect Baits

Similar to Niban

Fine is recommended for most uses, except in very wet conditions

Orthoboric Acid, 5%

Indoor application apply 6 oz per 100 sq ft

InTiceTM Granular Bait is a mold and moisture resistant bait for control of a range of crawling insects. The newly expanded label now includes earwigs, sowbugs, pillbugs, centipedes and millipedes, and some additional ant and roach species, such as Asian roaches and rove ants, in addition to cockroaches, ants, crickets, mole crickets and silverfish.

The use sites on the label have also been expanded. The highly palatable granules contain 3 proteins, 2 oils, and carbohydrate (sweet) for maximum acceptance by a wide range of crawling insects.

With its unique formula it will remain fresh and active outdoors for up to 90 days, even after several inches of rain.

InTice is available in coarse and fine sizes for the same cost. The fine granule is recommended for most applications as it is found to be more acceptable not only to ants, but to roaches as well.

The coarse granule is ideal for some outdoor uses where a heavier granule may be desirable for spreading, or where rain or irrigation are excessive.

InTice works great as a perimeter treatment or as a spot treatment for problem areas. For indoor use, InTice can be dusted into wall voids, under cupboards, appliances and in attics and basements.

InTice is perfect for dusting attics and works better than anything else for silverfish and firebrat control. Since InTice is not affected by heat, it will last a year or more in attics and other indoor areas.

Broadest Spectrum
Longest Residual
Highly Palatable Bait
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