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Todays Green Pest Control

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 5, 2016

On a daily basis, we hear the phrases, “Go Green”, “Live Green”, and the like. But in our day to day lives, it can be daunting to manage all life’s to-do lists, and still act responsibly towards our environment. Between the morning rushes, two full time busy work days, taxi-ing Billy and Suzy to sports and lessons, there is hardly a moment to think. So when we are faced with an army of black ants marching into our kitchen, it seems much easier to just go to the corner dollar store and pick up the nearest can of Kill-a-Bug and get to work.

There are, although, numerous options for those of us who do wish to act responsibly towards our environment while killing pests that have not been available before. Previously, we were given lists of herbs and essential oils to measure, crush, steep and squeeze in our efforts to kill bugs in an eco friendly manner. In a perfect world, where we are afforded endless amounts of time and resources, this is a viable option. But for main stream America, this is one more item on the to-do list that just won’t get crossed off, despite all of our good intentions.

There are numerous new products and a revival of some older ones that now make killing bugs the eco-friendly way much more accessible. One product is microbial pesticides that are able to use a specific microorganism to target specific pests. They are less damaging to our environment, because they do not affect other pests that are not targeted. There are also biochemical pesticides, like insect sex pheromones, that use non toxic methods to interfere with the pests natural processes to control it. There are totally green pest control products that contain oils and repellents all mixed together that make staying green easier.

A few tried and true methods use naturally occurring substances like diatomaceous earth. This is not damaging to our environment at all but is deadly to pests such as fleas, ants and slugs. Others are use boric acid based products, which, while still not something you can eat, it is not as harmful to the environment and does the trick of killing numerous household pests. There are also a plethora of products that repel pests by using plant extracts, spices and essential oil additives. Therefore, all of the measuring, crushing, steeping and squeezing needed to exterminate your household pests is pre-done for you. For someone who wants a little more kill and wants to meet in the middle the same eco friendly products come in a ECOPCO pest control product line, that have oils and also some low risk pesticides that leave less of an imprint on our environment.

A good pest control supplier will have a “green” section that you can dig through to find exactly what you need to control the pests in your home while still feeling like you are not damaging our planet in the process. It should explain exactly what pest it targets and how. You can also visit www.epa.gov to see what the EPA views as “safe” or “environmentally-friendly” pest control products. Green pest control and peace of mind may be able to fit into your schedule after all.

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