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EcoPCO & EcoExempt

Todays Green Pest Control
Bug Lady Oct 5, 2016

On a daily basis, we hear the phrases, “Go Green”, “Live Green”, and the like. But in our day to day lives, it can be daunting to manage all life’s to-do lists, and still act responsibly towards our environment. Between the morning rushes, two full time busy work day...

The Best in Green Pest Control!
Bug Lady Oct 6, 2016

Solutions Pest & Lawn supplies organic, green, and natural pest control products (baits or insecticides) tocontrol almost every type of pest including spiders, ants, roaches, mosquitoes, fleas and flies. We provide aerosols, dusts, granules, and bait formulations for the organic do it yoursel...

Pyganic Dust-10 oz Drione Dust Replacement
Bug Lady Oct 8, 2016

Due to a pyrethrin shortage Drione Dust has been unavailable since last year, this is the replacement product! Pyganic Dust-10 oz.   Active ingredient in Pyganic Dust is Pyrethrin ….. 1% Pyganic dust is a low odor , fine white dust which works as a dessicant on insects, just like ...

Bug Lady Oct 12, 2016

  ECO SMART PRODUCTS EcoSMART’s complete line of interior and exterior products are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests and provide both quick knockdown and control. Unlike botanicals in the past, several of EcoSMART’s products also provide residual prot...

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