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How To Get Rid of Earwigs In Your Home

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Earwigs we probably all know by now how they really got their name? Well from the widespread thought that they would crawl into people’s ears and then bore into our brans while we slept. The little pinchers on the earwig's body or the “cerci” are used both to defend themselves and also to scare off prey. Sometimes they can be used to grasp food. The Earwig is commonly identified by pincer-like appendages, called cerci that are located on their backside. These are used in defensive and offensive behaviors, to hunt as well as protect a nest. Earwigs are active at night and thigmatropic, just like cockroaches in that they prefer to hide in dark, moist cracks. So you tend to locate them in the mulch, under rocks and debris on the outside of a structure. They will eat pretty much anything, leaves, flowers, fruit, fungi and even other insects.


Most of our control efforts when it comes into earwigs should be concentrated on harborage modification and then followed by an application of some type of insecticide. Removal of any large numbers, with just a vacuuming, is advisable, remove any infested items that maybe store on the outside of the structure. Keep your harborage areas down as much as possible and away from entry points, meaning try not to make it super easy for them to get inside. Heavy ground covering the maybe is to close to the weep holes, trim your vegetation and keep the gutters clean and clear of leaf litter. Keep an eye out for areas of excessive moisture, this can be very important, good drainage is the key. Keep them out by making sure you do your homework and seal all the cracks around your house.


Applying a good residual insecticide around the property and treating all the entry points, windows, doors, weep holes etc. is a very effective way of keeping the population down, but is important to alter the habitat at the same time as to be successful and not have a continuing issue.
One can also add an insecticide dust to any cracks and crevices, in high moisture make sure you use one that is moisture resistant.


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