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How to get rid of flies: best products

posted this on Aug 4, 2016

House flies are more than just pesky and annoying, they also carry many diseases that can make you and your family sick. They carry these diseases on their bodies and legs and easily transfer them to your food or other surfaces in your home when they land. Some of the diseases they have been known to carry and transfer include dysentery, cholera, typhoid, salmonella, tuberculosis and anthrax. Therefore, getting flies out of your home is imperative. Read below to learn how to get rid of flies though DIY Fly Control methods:


Fly traps are the perfect defense against flies when you want a natural, nontoxic solution for your fly problem. There are many variations of the fly trap offered by companies such as ePestSolutions. There are decorative traps available, such as the Trapple Natural Fruit Fly Trap, which is ideal for indoor use. This trap looks like an apple and uses glue cards to capture flies and other insects. There are also fly traps that hang outside your home that trap flies thus keeping them from entering your home. These traps are nontoxic, making them ideal for farms or other locations with animals or children. Each trap can catch an amazing 20,000 flies, within a 100 yard range, thus putting a significant dent in your fly problem.


Fly lights, like the Genus Fly Lights, are a highly effective way to eliminate your problem with flies. Place this light in a location frequented often by flies, and plug it in. The light is more cost-effective than other fly catching options because you do not have to reload it or replace it after a certain amount of time.


Another method you can try to get rid of flies is the bait system. You place bait in stations, which lure flies using muscalure and red sugar. Once in, imidacloprid is utilized, which is effective at killing flies but safe around animals. Once placed in or outside of your home, the bait stations begin killing flies, in as little as 60 seconds. You can also use the bait without the stations, but the stations are ideal if you are worried about children or animals who may decide to try out the fly bait for themselves.

These are some of the most commonly used and effective methods of getting rid of flies in your home for good, all of which are available through Solutions Pest & Lawn.

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