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Get Mad, Get Even: With Those Mosquitos

posted this on Aug 2, 2016


Without a doubt, mosquitos are some of the most annoying insects when you’re trying to enjoy an outdoor barbeque or just bask in the sun on a cozy lounge. Constant buzzing and those leftover red, itchy bumps just make you want to slap them. While you can slap them to decrease the numbers, there is a more effective strategy for your pest management system – a misting mosquito system. Say good-bye to those pesky creature with mosquito misters.

Many homeowners have turned to time-released outdoor mosquito systems to control mosquitoes. These outdoor application systems are designed to spray a fine mist of pesticides to kill mosquitoes along with other annoying insects. These systems have spray nozzles that are mounted on the house, fence or perimeter of the lawn. Tubes are connects to supply the mist of insecticide. Preset a timer for spray intervals, use a switch or a techy remote controller. It’s easy to exact revenge with time-released outdoor mosquito systems.

Stop the biting!

Most outdoor misting systems contain insecticides like piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrins and permethrin. It’s important to check with your state about what insecticides are prohibited, as some are not regulated by the EPA. The pesticide label will provide instructions about the application rates, use and proper handling.  There are also completely natural, organic options for mosquito misting systems.

You may be wondering whether or not residential mosquito misting systems are safe, since people or pets may be exposed by direct contact with sprays, touching plants in the treated area or by inhaling small amounts of the pesticide leftover in the air. According to the EPA, most pesticides only last for a short time. Their assessment is that outdoor residential misting systems have no long-term toxicity. As long as the system is used according to the label instructions, there is no risk.  Once the chemical mist is over, so is the chemical.  Misting occurs during early morning and early evening when most people and pets are not outside.

In addition, there are steps that you can take to minimize potential impact on people, pets and the environment when installing an outdoor mosquito misting system.

  • Hire service technicians and installers with a state license, registration and certification, but you can easily DIY the systems also.
  • The system should be calibrated to apply no more than the recommended application rate on the pesticide label.  MistAway Brand units are programed for the perfect application
  • Nozzles should be directed away from fish ponds, swimming pools, eating areas and cooking areas.
  • Mist should be directed away from outdoor air conditioners
  • The reservoir should be locked securely to avoid potential poisoning incidents
  • Install motion, rain and wind sensors to reduce pesticide usage

Other tips for usage include using the systems when pets and people aren’t around, and use the system when mosquitoes are most active. It also wise to implement regular maintenance to avoid damage and leaks.

Do misting mosquito systems really work? Academic studies have proven that residential misting systems are extremely effective in the control of mosquitos. However, the real proof is in the explosive growth in the market. Even though this technology was introduced in the 1990s, there are about 60,000 misting systems in the United States. If it didn’t work, this innovative technology wouldn’t have taken off.

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