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DIY pest control gifts from Solutions Stores

posted this on Aug 5, 2016

Christmas has a way of sneaking up on the ill-prepared. One minute you are enjoying the fall colors and the next you are getting an invitation to your friends Christmas party. So start thinking about the gifts you are going to get your friends now. To really impress your friends, make sure you find something that they can actually use and will improve their quality of life. Solutions Pest & Lawn has many products to rid your home or business of nearly any pests including ants, bed bugs, pesky birds, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, fungus and mold, gophers, mosquitoes, pantry pests, rats, mice, rodents, roaches, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, stinging insects, termites, ticks, and many others!. If a pest is a problem for you, it’s something your loved ones may experience as well. This holiday season, ease your loved ones burdens by giving the gift of a pest free New Year!



Pest Control Gift IdeasGive the gift of a rat free life with the Rat and Rodent Control Kit. This kit is for managing the occasional rat inside your home, garage, attic, or shop. Included are three packages of 2 glueboards and 3 T-Rex snap traps that are best suited for indoor and seasonal pest. The kit is mess free and reusable.

The Wasp Freeze Contact Insecticide is a perfect gift for anyone struggling with hazardous wasp colonies. With a spray that can travel up to 15ft and can instantly eliminate an active nest, this insecticide will kill bees, hornets, spiders, yellow jackets and wasps on contact. It’s easy to use and will give peace of mind


Flies are a common problem for everyone so you are sure to make someone’s Christmas fly free with our next product. The EZ Strike Fly Bait Stations are a discreet way to trap flies near dumpsters, food prep areas or animal enclosures. The state-of-the–art, medical grade plastic contains flakes of metal to lure flies into the traps. A locking lid protects the fly bait from coming in contact with children, pets, or the elements. Since the EZ Strike Fly Bait Stations are reusable and easy to mount to a variety of surfaces, they are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Solutions Pest & Lawn can help you start out the new year with a fresh new start and a lot less pests. Impress your friend by getting them gifts that they actually need and can use year round.

DIY pest control gift ideas show not only that you care about your friends but also that you care about their quality of life. ePestSolutions has experienced Entomologist if you have any questions about the pest control products.

Peace of mind is one step closer to peace on earth.


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