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Backyard Mosquito Control

posted this on Aug 3, 2016



I know it is still pretty cold and most of us are not thinking about mosquito control, but the truth is when we start thinking about them, we will be full in the season. Don’t waste another summer indoors because it is too dangerous with the amount of Mosquitos to go outside without a mosquito net around you entire family.

Here in Texas we love our outdoor spaces, whether we are barbecuing or swimming in the pools we want to be outside. Even though it is pretty cold for this southern girl, really living in Texas 8 months out of the year is perfect. We never stop grilling and working outside, not much will keeps us house bound, accept the dreaded attack of the mosquitos.

Well this year I say declare war of those blood, disease spreading pest! We have the tools, chemicals and advice to keep you from getting bit this year. No matter what your budget we can offer some type of treatment to take back your back yard.

Yards that have a lot of foliage or surrounded by heavy brush tend to have a harder time controlling the mosquito population. This is when it may be time for you to think about investing in a MistAway Mosquito Misting System or a good Fogger.




You may be wondering what a Mosquito Misting System is? Well it is basically a bunch of nozzles and tubing that is placed around your backyard area, and a drum system that pumps a water chemical mixture through the nozzles a couple of times a day. When the fine mist comes out of the nozzles, it kills all insects that are smaller than a June bug. The mist goes off early morning and early evening when beneficial are low and the mosquito population is high. A typical system if you DIY it yourself will run you about $1700.00 for a 30 nozzle kit, they are spaced out about every 10 linear feet. The chemical that is used can run about $100.00 for 3 months of operation. This is a little bit of an investment, but I can attest that this is the best investment you will ever make. If you love to enjoy the outdoors, cooking, swimming or playing with your kids, this is the only way to go.

I have personally had a system for 8 years, and love it! You eventually stop thinking about mosquitos until you go to your friend’s house who doesn’t have one.

Another option that works great but takes a little more effort is to purchase a electric fogger and a couple of chemicals, I would recommend using Cyzmic CS and then also Riptide. The Cyzmic CS will be what is fogged in the foliage, plants and shrubbery. Riptide you can use in the open areas and also the plants, it is contact insecticide that will do what a misting system will do, accept you have to be the one applying it, instead of it being automatic. The Cyzmic CS will have a longer residual effect and when mosquitoes land on the underside of the plants to rest during the day, you have a little surprise for them.

The next option for being mosquito free this year in your backyard is to purchase the Backyard Mosquito Kit, this contains a backpack sprayer, Ny-guard, Exponent and Onslaught. If you already have a sprayer you can purchase the items separately. These chemicals are mixed together and applied again to the plants, foliage and grass. You will get excellent control of mosquitos with this kit.

Well these are my recommendations for controlling mosquitos in your backyard. Remember life is to short to live it inside looking out. So this summer plan on taking back your backyard with one of these solutions from www.epestsolutions.com.

We are here to help and can always offer suggestions or advice for mosquitos or any other pest that is causing you issues.

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